Snow Fun

I think the legs might be finally getting over what I put them through at the start of the month. This is both pleasing, and concerning : Pleasing is obvious, as it means I am building mileage up again. Concerning as my training plan for the net few months includes a number of 30 mile runs, and I can’t have it take this long to get over them properly. I am hoping that legs will become more tolerant of what I’m doing to them!

The week got off to a good start back at the track with a tough pyramid session. Not only was this tough on legs and lungs, but brain power took a bit of a hit too as my Garmin warned me of dead batteries, then promptly died straight after the warm up. so 800m, 1000m, 1200m, 1400m, 1200m, 1000m, 800m with 1 min recovery was tough to calculate using the gps app on my phone. Track got slippy towards the end in the cold. But after the seeing too that I experienced on Sunday evening, my knee was still holding up well.

For everyone in the UK you’ll know that the weather started to really get cold by Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean that the running should stop!! I’m still not on my official training plan yet, but aiming to build up the mileage, so I set out for a relatively long run home. Roads were getting little slippy, excitement that is only added to when running in the dark down country lanes with a head torch. Some of the lanes were scary – It’s always fun hearing branches cracking as you run through pitch black lanes. oo-err. I ended up with a nice easy 8 miles commute home from work.

Thursday runs in the plan include getting some speed back in to the legs after an easy Wednesday, so I headed home in the cold again with a 6 mile run that included the middle two at Marathon Pace. I had a bit of a dilemma with MP, as it’s been 8 months sine the last one, and I reckon I’m quicker than that now. So I aimed for 8:50ish, and hit that pretty perfectly. It felt like a faster effort than normal, but also a sustainable pace.

Friday was a day of HORROR!!!!! As predicted, we got to work in the clear, but about as soon as we got there, the snow started, and immediately started to settle. It was pandemonium at work, buses were being prepped with snow chains, and we were keeping one eye on the emails for an early finish. But I spend the morning giving a series of presentations to AS students about the UCAS process and fun things like that. I HATE presentations, and it was a miserable experience. The snow didn’t stop, and we were sent home after lunch at 1pm. Thankfully though, the roads had been well looked after and the journey home was stress-free and only took a few minutes longer with some careful driving!

The snow had stopped by the time I went out on Saturday, but it was deep, and I couldn’t wait to forge new paths in the woods!! And boy, did I forge new paths. A while ago I decided to stop saying I was lost; merely, I was discovering new places. Well, yesterday I discovered a hell of a lot of new places!! Very lost!! Lynds was abut to send out a search party I think, as it was the slowest 11 miles I think I have ever run. It was bloomin’ good fun though.

This morning it was was snowing again. But it was a funny snow – pretty continuous, but only settling very slowly. There was no sign of it stopping, and I’m glad I didn’t wait till it had to go out, otherwise I’d be out now I think! It was definitely time for a nice flat run, so I simply headed out along the Downs Link to Bramley. The snow was pretty compacted along the whole route, and quite slippy in a few places, but generally it was very runable, and I had another really nice morning in the snow. 12 miles done. Bringing up a total of 43 miles for the week, and 5 runs keeping my jantastic total at 100%!!


5 thoughts on “Snow Fun

    1. very true!!! I remember back to day after London Mara, could barely walk. was in a world of pain!! day after the 30 I was walking around the shops and meeting friends for lunch :-) Not sure I could have run 20 miles tho, as the upcoming training plan suggests

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