Topping up the totals

Oh dear, it seems that a fortnight has passed since last I wrote!! Um… I’ll try and keep this to the short version:


And, now for the long version. Last week was very a very successful one in terms of running kicking off with a fun session of 600s at the track – well it would have been if the weather hadn’t have been awful! We were kicked out of work nice and early, and with the track shut I decided to do the set that we had been given from home. The set itself was 4 sets of 3x600m with 30secs recovery, and three minutes between each set. It was really tough. Especially into the headwinds, the use of a garmin to measure the 600m, and the snow that started falling again halfway through the set. The rest of the week was a standard easy 5mi, and then a 6 mile run with some marathon pacing.

At the weekend I set out for a muddy 15 miles where I got a bit turned around and ever so slightly misplaced at times. On Sunday I enjoyed a club run in Guildford. A delightful 10 miles in 9min/mi pace and with good company.

It all went a little pear shaped at the start of this week though. I was on a work trip to Cardiff where I drank a little too much wine at a ‘networking’ event and substantially scuppered any vague hopes I had of getting to the track on Tuesday. So it was that my first run of the week took until Wednesday to happen. It was a funny one actually as everything about the run felt a bit weird; my shoes felt uncomfortable and my legs felt like they weren’t mine. Oh well, another 5 miles ticked.

31st January was a very special date for a couple of reasons. The first was that with 6miles run I bought up a total of 180miles in a single month – more than ever before. Even if you take of the 30 I still ran more in training than ever!!! Oh, and it was birthday where I got lovely treats including lots of chocolates, Wiggo’s book, and an OMM running backpack – which I’ve already used a couple of times!!

And finally, I’m almost up to date. Yesterday was a nice easy 9 miles. We had guests to visit (showing my Grandparents our house for the first time) and we went to the school concert. Shows at Hurtwood are not like normal school concerts, and with session musicians from the west end, and talent that is soon to be on the west end, we had an excellent afternoon. This was all topped off with a lovely dinner at the William Bray in Shere. It all made for a lovely evening with the wife, the parents and the grandparents.

This morning led to some confusion as Lyndsey thought her alarm was going off – it wasn’t, it was mine, and it was running time!!! I got a bit stretched for time, and had to dash, but I made it across to Guildford just in time to meet the others. With a fully loaded backpack and 1.5l of water on my back we set off for ten miles. Someone had the bright idea of heading straight up the biggest hill in Guildford (this is not a definite fact, but it felt like the biggest hill!!) The run was boggy in places, but not so bad that it slowed us too much, and at times the miles were a little too quick really. Slowly the group thinned out as people splintered off to finish their runs, and at the 10 mile mark it was just me and Bok heading back towards Godalming as he went home and I upped the miles to about 18. I was struggling towards the end, and having not eaten since breakfast I was definitely starting to slow down. I got to te car with just over 17miles on the clock, but couldn’t bring myself to run past it. So I called it a day.

I’d headed home and refueled with beans and eggs and toast and plenty of coffee!! I did have one concern though, just a small one; Jantastic! I had only done four runs, so just before dinner, there was only one option for it – I had to lace up my shoes again and head out. The minimum qualifying run is 1 mile, but I pulled out an extra 0.5 just to make sure, and in 12 minutes I was back at home. 40 miles for the week, and 100% score for all of Jantastic.

I also put in my Febulous mileage – which starts with a 30mile long run this weekend! And that comes after the final Surrey XC League match on Saturday!! Oh the joys of ultra training.


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