Racing Weekend

I’ve filled my belly full of curry, and working through a couple of beers to sit nicely on top of that as I think about the weekend I have looming ahead of me.

Firstly, and perhaps most scarily – the cat needs a trip to the vet for his booster!! The vet is about 600 yards away, but it is sure to result in a VERY stressful period of time tomorrow for all involved.

Up next is a very proud moment. The second time I’ve pulled on a GGAC vest, but this time it is mine, all mine! My very first race, in my very own club vest. It’s the final race in the mens 2XU Surrey Mens league, and we are fighting for our right to stay in Division 2. We are scraping the bottom of the league right now, and with a good turnout we might pull it off.


It’s going to be a fun, and potentially wet afternoon with my spikes on. Bring it on!!

But from there on in, it’s all about the recovery!! Protein shakes, pasta and carbs, carbs, carbs. Anything goes as I prepare for Sunday morning!

This week I have been thinking back to January and ultra#1, and the things that went wrong.

Fueling – last time I survived 30 miles on 3gels, 1 sausage roll, 1 small donut, and some rola-cola. It was not pleasant though! Not pleasant at all!! I also did 18miles on Sunday with no food at all, so I know it’s possible, but I’d rather not do it again in a hurry.

I talked a little bit on twitter afterwards about the science in Waterlogged that discussed the negatives of sports nutrition products and the unneccessaryness of food and added calories in anything less than 30 miles or so. It’s a brilliant idea, and with time I’d like to work on that, but for now it is all about the food.

I stocked up on Torq energy products this week, and I’m looking forward to using Black Cherry and Rhubarb & Custard this weekend to fuel my run.

Pacing – Um, not sure what to do here. This is supposed to be a training event, and a nice slow pace. I think I am going to really make use of the walk/run strategy and enjoy my day out in the rain exploring the devils punchbowl.

Directions – This is hugely concerning – where the hell do I go??!? I’ve got four A4 pages of directions, and a bunch of checkpoint coordinates plotted on my map. I just hope I remember how to use the map and compass.

EEEK, I wonder how long I’ll be out there!!

Anywhoo… bed time now. time to let the beer soak in :-)

night folks


2 thoughts on “Racing Weekend

  1. I am really interested in what you said about not needing additional food during races below 30 miles..
    Hope the races on the weekend went well x

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