So, some of the more beady-eyed amongst you may have noticed things around here have changed!!

I don’t remember where I got the urge from, but I decided it was time to update and refresh my blogging image. The ‘bananaphobe’ bit has served me well for a couple of years, but that name was set up when I was a different runner. I had pretty much just started out running with any real regularity, and I was a brand-spanking-new entrant to the blogosphere.

I met a whole bunch of pretty awesome people as a bananaphobe, but I look forward to adopting my new role as a running idiot – the title comes from a custom piece of artwork I made and now have hanging in my house. I see it every morning and it’s actually a pretty inspirational reminder of what I’m putting myself through this year!

Any Idiot Can Run

I updated the website to reflect this change. I hope you all like it :-)

Bye for now


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