a long week

Not surprisingly, on Monday I was feeling the results of the previous days’ escapades. My legs were tired, and I was very thankful that I work at a building on the side of a hill where I have to park at the bottom and walk up a lot of steps to get to my office. Or maybe not!

It certainly made for a pretty long day!

But, this is ultra training, so on Tuesday I had to get myself down to the track for the GGAC session. It was a pyramid session doing lots of laps, but my legs were tired so I struggled to warm up into it at the start.

600 – 2:33
700 – 2:54
800 – 3:22
900 – 3:47
1km – 4:17
900 – 3:53
800 – 3:25
700 – 2:59
600 – 2:28

For some reason the Garmin recorded the run details, but the GPS didn’t and when I uploaded it to stuff, at best it uploaded an empty file and at worst it did nothing at all!! How bizarre!!

My knee was a little sore afterwards, but nothing too bad.

I ran my usual run home on Wednesday which is simply a nice and easy 5 miles. I can’t wait for some daylight on this run, or indeed a nice cross country route. As it is, I tend to stick to the roads at the minute as the trails are so wet and slippy alongside overflowing streams and it seems safer to play with the traffic, as at least I’m probably more likely to get found if something untoward happens!

I heart running

On hallmark love day, the only thing I had time for was running. The wife and I don’t bother with that claptrap, now that we’re married :-) I ran home from work again; 8 miles with the middle three at my estimated Marathon Pace (8:50-9 min/mile). My knee was pretty sore again by the end.

Thankfully though, Fridays will always be rest day, oh and fried-pig-product breakfast day. My favourite day of the week. And not only did it get off to a good start, but it finished well too with a pint at the pub with some of the folks from work.

All my trail shoes were minging and horrible on Saturday so I decided to head out on the road for my 12 miles. It was a nice run actually, and although legs were a little tired, I generally felt pretty good.


The plan on Sunday was to start with the recce process of getting to know the North Downs Way. I had already decided, on Saturday evening, which part to do and came up with Puttenham onwards.

I felt bad getting Lynds out of bed to drop me off and pick me up later, so I decided to do an out’n’back route instead. I drove out to Puttenham and parked up by the side of the road and attached trail shoes to my feet and waist pack to my… waist! I was ready for the off. It was a little foggy, and pretty chilly when I set off, but within a few miles the sun was shining and it was a stunning day for a run. My knee was feeling pretty sore, but I powered on through, past St Marthas Church and on towards Newlands Corner. The camber across the fields here caused some issues and I continued to push on – making it all the way to Netley Plantation where I turned around.

The route back became very tough. I struggled up the hills, the sandy paths were tough on my knee, but also on the hip flexor on right hand side where I have been compensating for the knee issues. I ended up walking a large part of the final three miles.

By the time I got back to the car I was in need of some nourishment, so I called in at the petrol station on the way back for chocolate milk, only to be blocked in by Chris Evans buying his newspaper! :-)

This evening, after updating all my Garmin uploads and topping up my Febulous score with this weeks 100%, I headed to see Laura for a massage. Luckily she learnt some more about knees last weekend, so we did some tests which seemed to imply that whatever damage is not based around ligaments, but hopefully just a muscle imbalance. She did plenty of work on my ITB, hip flexor, and TFL which connects to the ITB and enables it to stretch out a bit. This involved an elbow in some tender places, and a bit of pain. Thankfully though, knee feels better now this evening, and my legs can carry me up and down stairs; always a bonus!!

Anterior Hip Muscles
Anterior Hip Muscles

50 miles for the week, 116 for the month so far, and a 100% on this weeks Febulous.


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