Physio Therapy

This morning I headed down to Cranfold Physio – that’s right, Cranleigh is so blooming big that it’s the country’s largest village, that it even has it’s own Physio. Not sure what else you need really to make it a town when we have a village hall bigger than many town halls, a number of churches, a large population, and an M&S food hall on the high street!!!

And for a village physio, it’s a swanky place!! All nicely fitted out and modern looking. Smart indeed!

I can’t remember when, exactly, that my left knee started bugging me, but I figured it was probably about November last year. I am not sure what sparked the issue, but chatting with Bryan today suggested it could have been any number of things which are all perfectly viable.

The pain has always been fairly localised in my knee. When running it might sometimes feel like the knee as a whole was painful, but the hotspot has always been on the lateral (outside) part of knee, below the level of the patella (kneecap).

site of the ouchies
site of the ouchies

As I talked through the symptoms it didn’t take Bryan long to figure that it was probably ITB issues that were the root cause of my suffering. He looked at my legs and feet, both at standing and walking (where he noticed my left heel does flick out slightly as my foot swings through the step) and noted that on the whole everything looked good and that my mild hypermobility seemed to have no real effect on my symptoms. When doing a few single leg squats he noted that my calves were quite tight on both sides, but that my right was bigger than left – probably as it’s doing more actual work. I had wondered about my high arches having anything to do with it, but he said my feet looked quite strong, though actually my toes (2nd ones bigger than big toes) might be causing a tiny bit of overpronation.

Bryan got me to do some exercises that suggested that although calves were tight, they still had some stretch in them and my knees could happily reach well beyond the front of my toes.

At this point I hopped up onto the massage table and we worked through the general flexibility of my legs and biomechanics of what moved, where, when other bits were moved first. Bryan showed me a couple of stretches for the top of glutes/ITB and also a quadriceps stretch that takes the back out of the equation.

It was now that he went to town on the lower half of my ITB and quadriceps. It would be fair to say that this hurt, a lot!! Funnily enough, though, Bryan commented that I wasn’t shouting out loud as so many people often do. I think I have quite a high pain threshold naturally, but apparently the hypermobility can make things a little more flexible due to excesses in collagen and maybe therefore a little less painful.

Finally, I had a quick spot of ultrasound treatment on the bursa on side of my knee which is slightly inflamed and I have been told to ice it with an ice-cube rather than a block as it allows for a more target approach.

I left, thoroughly eased, and with an appointment to go back on Thursday for another assault on the fascia and musculature of my left leg – I can’t wait!!

I was told that I needed to ease the mileage this week – which is handy, because this week is a drop in mileage anyway!! But tonight – it’s off to the track. The workout has already been posted, and it’s 4x1200m with 1min rest. It’s weird waiting all day to run when I am not at work!!


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