Fitness, ummm… Fursday

Just a quick little post to tell you about my day. I started the morning with a nice little 6 miles, the middle two of which was held at approximate Marathon Pace.

Setting off felt a little tight in my calf, but this soon eased out so I was pleased about that!

This afternoon got underway with another trip to the physiotherapist. He basically got straight down to business on the quad/ITB area just above the outside of the knee. He was pretty pleased that the swelling on the bursa was already going down nicely.

At the end of the session he basically signed me off, though I will of course continue doing stretching, massage and exercises to make my butt work better than it currently does!!

This evening I started along that path as Lyndsey and I attended our first pilates class at New Dawn in Cranleigh. We really lucked out as although we were attending a level 1 class anyway, we managed to time it so a whole of us were just starting this week.

I have dabbled with pilates in the past but only with books/dvds and so I liked the opportunity for some more personalised instruction if I was going wrong or could be trying harder. Dawn was great leading the class and able to talk through all the moves with our varying levels of skill.

I am fairly sure I used lesser exploited muscles this evening, and will probably be feeling that tomorrow. But I really enjoyed it, I think Lynds did too, so hopefully we’ll be back next Thursday evening.


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