I’ve already subjected you to one set of ramblings this morning, so I shall try to keep this weeks review a little shorter.

Monday: Swimming. After the weekends exertions I didn’t have it in me to do a proper swim session at 6:30am so I got to the pool and did about 30 lengths in total; just easing out and letting me body stretch out a bit!

Pilates. Well, I dashed straight out after work to go to Pilates at the gym – Fully Booked. Rather than do anything else I came home again – calling at the chippy on the way. The bizarre Chinese/Fish & Chip shop didn’t know what a chip butty was!!! Ridiculous


Tuesday: Running. Track session with the club was a toughie as Marc had alluded to on Strava last week. 5 reps, with 1 minute rest between each. It was a tough session!!

1800m: 7.46 (6:57min/mi)

1600m: 6:49 (6:50min/mi)

1400m: 5:58 (6:48min/mi)

1200m: 5:04 (6:48min/mi)

1000m: 4:08 (6:40min/mi)


Wednesday: Swimming. This morning I did my planned session which went very well, which was nice :-) I then had a day out in Reading, I know – I live quite an exciting life.

Running: Following my day out I was home earlier than usual, so I did a nice steady 7 miles which included 3miles at MP.


Thursday: Running. A nice easy 5 miles. A quick shower, then straight to…

Pilates. I am really enjoying these pilates sessions, and I think I can really sense them working in support of my running. Some of the exercises get my glutes working properly too, which is helping to see off the ITB issues.


Friday: Swimming. Another good session, though I did end up squeezed against the was with the steps on as there were no free lanes – even though we get there when the doors open. I really need to make my preparations more speedy!!


Saturday: Running. The week was kind of building towards this. I joined Rajiv, fellow GGAC member and 100 mile nutter, as we were reconnoitering the North Downs way. I got the bus from home to Guildford where the trail crosses Shalford Fields and heads up Pilgrims Way.

Waiting at the bus stop
Waiting at the bus stop
Sitting on the bus
Sitting on the bus


Together we set off at a good pace and continued East along the North Downs Way, heading ultimately for Merstham. We chatted along the way; life, work, the usual, oh and a little bit of running of course :-)

Rajiv was looking strong, he has of course run Comrades once already and is heading back this year. But I was starting to flag a bit by Reigate. If I’d have been on my own I’d have been walking by now, and probably have headed down hill to Reigate station rather than pushing on, so I was thankful for Rajiv pulling me along – with the promise of cake.

We made it across to Merstham in a little over 4 hours and almost 3000ft of ascent and actually timed it pretty well for the train where Rajiv produced some delicious banana and chocolate cake. Yum! We had 30 minutes at Redhill where we headed through town to stock up on dairy supplies in the form of milk and life-giving some chocolate. Finally back in Guildford, almost 6 hours after setting off, Lyndsey was waiting to take me home :-)




Sunday: Running I treated myself to a lie-in this morning (till about 6:30). I was in no real rush to go out though, so I took my time before heading out for this mornings run. This turned out to be a gentle 11 miles around Cranleigh and on the whole my legs felt pretty good. I intend to spend some time laying on the foam roller though to ease them out a little more. Lyndsey created a behemoth lunch today which was gratefully received to refill some of the many calories I have gotten rid of this week!

Mince and Dumplings. My Favourite
Mince and Dumplings. My Favourite


Marchvelous total = 100%

Mileage = 50.3mi

Annual Mileage = 424mi (wow)


3 thoughts on “Reconnoitering

  1. haha, love the one on the bus ‘I am not taking my picture, I am looking out the window’ lol
    Awesome mileage – well done!!

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