It all started so well.

This week seemed to be off to a cracking start. Then it all went rather downhill, so much so that I am now sat on the sofa with my feet up rather than pounding the streets. Let me explain:


Monday: Swimming. Another Monday morning where, rather than doing a ‘set’, I opted to pootle up and down the pool a few times for half an hour and stretch everything out a bit. I also knew that the sessions this week would include some breaststroke, which I am particularly useless at, so I decided I needed to practice that quite a lot! I was pretty amazed when I managed to string a couple of lengths together!!

Pilates. So this was a session at the gym, rather than New Dawn. The class was a very different beast from the one that we do with Dawn, and had a very Yoga feel to it. The teacher simply walked in the class and got going with some pretty intense exercises. We had a good chuckle at some of the things she had us try to do, and especially when someone at the back let out a big PARRRPP!! The session finished with a nice relax with the lights off.


Tuesday: Running. Track session over at The Spectrum. 6x 1600m off 1minutes rest. When I got the email I was actually scared of this session. It was going to be tough. It was.

  1. 6:56
  2. 6:50
  3. 6:53
  4. 6:58
  5. 6:58
  6. 6:36

A nice consistent pace (well, until the last rep). But of particular note is that I was only 13 away from my 10km PB. Maybe I should do reps in a race and have a few nice one minute breaks during the race :-)


Wednesday: Swimming. I had a first attempt at the next set on my swimfit plan. It seemed like a long one on paper, though only supposed to take 45 minutes. I had to cut it short in the end as I was battling other swimmers, but also a very tough session.

Running. Well, it simply didn’t happen. I left my headtorch at home, so I had to go home before running. We ended up having supper at work, and so when I got back I decided to forgo my run – safe in the knowledge that running on Friday would ensure my Jantastic figures were maintained. I did a running related activity  though, as Lynds and I watched Unbreakables.

This inspirational film charts the 2010 Western States Endurance Run, where four incredible men toe the start line, each unbeaten so far in their ultra running careers, and likely going to need to break Scott Jurek’s 15:36 course record. I won’t ruin the ending, but all you need to know is that you should do whatever you need to do to secure a copy of this film and watch it. It is simply amazing.


Thursday: Running. And this is where it all starts going wrong. Usually on a Thursday night I can finish work nice and prompt, get changed and enjoy a gentle run home before showering and heading to pilates. Tonight was different. A couple of pain-in-the-arse students ensured I was running late. Rather than an easy run home, I switched my mindset to a tempo run home with a 7:30/mi average pace. Straight through door I was in the shower and getting changed to head back out the door.

Pilates. Another great session with Dawn, which even included some pilates on a foam roller which was an experience. But as the session ended I was hit by cramp in my left calf. It was excruciating, but actually cleared relatively quickly.


Friday: Swimming. I had another stab at the session from Wednesday and was far more successful having managed to bag myself a lane at the pool, now I have my ‘stash-stuff-in-the-locker-super-amazingly-fast’ routine sorted. I could apply for a position in an F1 pit crew I reckon, I am just that slick now :-) Not sure I’ll ever beat the old bids that seem to be waiting for the doors to open 10 minutes early. What I don’t understand is why the oldies apparently can’t share a lane!!!

Running. Um…………

I didn’t. Throughout the day my leg had felt pretty sore. Spending an hour stood completely still during the lunchtime concert (the talent of the kids at school is phenomenal) meant that as I went to walk away at the end I nearly fell over. My dodgy knee which has been giving me issues had locked, and my calf was cramping slightly again. The Gee’s were raising money for Comic Relief tonight at the track as they attempted a relay of 100’s during which they aimed to beat Paula Radcliffes marathon record. An average 19s per 100m was definitely a no-go for me so I had to miss out on the fun and games. I was so pleased to hear that not only did they beat it, but they actually ended up beating the men’s word record too in 2hours, 2 minutes, and 3 seconds!!! Oh, just one second away from perfection :-)


Saturday: Running. Having drowned my running woes with a few bottles of beer last night, I woke early for a few hours out on the trails. I had spent ages plotting a route on the computer, which for some reason wouldn’t communicate with the Garmin, so in the end I had to just head out and hope I made up the mileage – preferably without getting too lost and running forever!

It was miserable outside, the rain had been coming down since Friday night, and showed no signs of stopping. So I donned the waterproof jacket and headed out the door – straight for the nearest stretch of mud I could find. From here-on-in, it was just all about running in the mud and enjoying the hills as best I could. I headed for Leith Hill (the highest point on the Greensand Way, and second highest in the whole South East). I continued to follow the Greensand Way for a few miles before finally coming out on to the A25 near Westcott. I headed along the road before finding the next trail running alongside a seemingly massive Wotton Estate.

Suddenly appeared from nowhere
Suddenly appeared from nowhere


10 miles in, I passed this beautiful waterfall, which I certainly wasn’t expecting to see. Turns out the wood I was running past was Waterfall Copse – maybe I should have assumed I might see this!


I continued plodding onwards, finally reaching home 20 miles and almost 4 hours since I left. Within about 30 minutes the sun was out, blue skies and the rain had stopped. Sods blooming law!!

Despite stretching my calf, which had not bothered me at all on the run, it was really very tight. As the afternoon wore on, I think it was also affecting my knee too – why did it have to happen on the same blooming side of my body?


Sunday: I woke twice in the night and was in some discomfort from my leg. Today calls for about 18miles, the last 6 of which to be completed at Marathon Pace. Struggling to hobble up and down stairs, and with a short timeframe before I need to head out this afternoon with Lynds, I just don’t have the time, or the energy to go anywhere. This is a pretty dire state of affairs and I am quite grumpy about it!!


I feel like I’ve had far too many ‘easy’ weeks recently, and another week at jut 32 miles simply isn’t good enough as I need to be approaching 60 miles per week at the minute. Next week isn’t going to build up very much as I am racing the Cranleigh 15 on Sunday aiming to redeem my Jantastic score which has been decimated this week. Perhaps I’ll watch unbreakables again for some inspiration and motivation. Until next time folks. Hopefully I’ll be cheerier in my next report!


Weekly mileage: 31.94

Monthly mileage: 115.18

Yearly mileage: 455.99 (at least I should comfortably make it past 500mi before the end of March. Which I am really excited about)


2 thoughts on “It all started so well.

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are doing so much exercise and missing run or two is not going to make a huge difference at the end of the day. Give your body a bit of a break

  2. Hey Chris. I’d agree with the above. You are doing a lot. Also, IMHO the whole total miles per week thing isn’t necessarily the be all and end all and sometimes I think people focus too much on it rather than on the quality of their runs. But then, I can’t even run to the loo at the moment – haha! :-) Keep up the good work.

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