One very good bit of news, and a less good bit

This evening I received an email that I have been hoping for, since I first submitted my application approximately 2 months ago. I can confirm that I have been invited on the assessment day this Saturday to be in with a chance of joining Torq Fitness on their newly formed Trail Runners team.

The day sounds like it will be great fun, a bunch of runners together for some talks on nutrition, mental preparation and injury prevention before heading out for a jog around Parliament Hill. I can’t wait. I’m not sure how many people will be attending, or how many they need to narrow down to, but I hope with my exciting year of ultra running that is building up nicely that I stand a good chance – if only I can convince them of my winning personality ;-)

If successful, not only will I receive support from the Torq Fitness team (whose gels are delicious, and their energy bars are simply superb), but I get to go on a little trip for some running around here:


That’s right, a nice little run around the alps for a long weekend in the summer :-)

The less positive bit.

I was at pilates tonight, and if you can remember all the way back to my post this morning in which I briefly mentioned my rather painful right calf, when Lyndsey pointed out quite how much larger it looks than the right one.



Doing some of the squat based exercises were a little tough, and whilst it is a little sore, the calf doesn’t hurt too much – it’s just tough getting up and down stairs!! Think a call to Laura for a massage is going to be in order, and hope that that fixes it.

Not sure I’ll be at the track tomorrow as I am back in London for the day, so it may be a day of ‘rest’ and no running anyway.


4 thoughts on “One very good bit of news, and a less good bit

  1. A day of rest won’t do you any harm. Good luck for the Torq assessment, if it is all about winning personality and dedication you will get though without a doubt.

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