It’s Official…

… I am hereby a sponsored athlete. Despite knowing for a few weeks it has been so darn tough to keep it secret, but today Torq broke the exciting news that I’ve been hiding from you all


Trail Team 2013: please meet our first team member, Chris Mercer. Chris is a relative newcomer to running, but has achieved a huge amount in a relatively short amount of time and has now set his sights on even higher goals. After finishing his first marathon in 2011 he vowed “never again” but was soon back for more and ran 2,012km last year. He started 2013 with the 30 mile Hardmoors race on 1 January 2013 and is hoping that 50 and 100 mile races this year will give him the chance to enter the Western States 100 as well as some other iconic ultra trail races (he won’t commit to whether he actually wants to try his luck at the infamous Barkley Marathons). You can keep up with Chris’ training and racing on his blog and on twitter @cmmercer. Congrats Chris and welcome to the team!

My introduction to the trail running community is a good one, and I’ve got a lot to live up to – I’m definitely not committing to the Barkely any time soon though!!

The team is still in its infancy, and as you can see I am the first to be announced on Facebook today, some people have reported that they read about it yesterday when their Trail Running Magazine turned up on the doormat. I’ll have to get to the shops asap for my own copy! I know who the other team members are, not sure if I should tell you even how many there are so I won’t. But I do look forward to introducing them all to you as they are revealed.

And what does being part of the team mean?

Apart from support, nutrition and training gear from the smashing folks at Torq Fitness, the highlight of the year is a little trip to Europe for a little run. I say Europe as a broad, all-encompassing thing, as we actually hit three countries.

We fly to Geneva and drive to a gite on the outskirts of Chamonix where the group will eat and share stories of running.

Gite Michel Fagot
Gite Michel Fagot

Hopefully the Gite will not be quite so covered in white in June! But it looks pretty amazing.

On Friday morning we set off Courmayeur and the start of our adventure. Following the route of the CCC we will overnight in mountain huts for the next three days as we cover the 100km trail through Italy, Switzerland and France. There will be some hills, but boy am I excited for it!

CCC Route
CCC Route
hill profile
hill profile


I am like a little kid again!


6 thoughts on “It’s Official…

  1. That is amazing! Huge congratulations!!! You have come so far since ‘that’ LM in 2011. The trip to France looks brilliant, the hills not so brilliant – but then I am a hillophobe :) Am really happy for you, you deserve it..

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