TORQ Trail Team member #4


If anyone knows what effort and achievement look like, it is Reuben. Because aside from being a trail runner, Reuben is an action and lifestyle sports photographer. His job takes him around the world to capture the moments when people achieve what they never thought possible and more.

But Reuben also excels on the other side of the lens, as a lifelong runner who discovered the trails early on.

Describing himself as driven and focused whilst at the same time enjoying mixing with runners from all walks of life, Reuben is looking to the Trail Team as an opportunity to improve his own running as well as giving him a chance to help others develop at the same time. Where will Reuben’s determination take him? He is torn between the Marathon de Sables and the Ocean Floor races as his two dream events but is happy for now targeting a brace of 50 milers and the UTMB TDS in 2013. Let’s just hope that the official photographers at those events know what they are doing, or Reuben will be giving them tips as he crosses the finish line!

Reuben joined the team from the Church Stretton assessment day, and we actually have some history having both studied Photography at the same college though I was a year or two ahead of him. We met a few times through mutual friends, and I am really happy to be meeting up with him again in the alps! You can check out Reubens running blog here.


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