TORQ Trail Team member #6

Finally, our team is complete. And to anyone who knows anything about the ultrarunning scene, the name Lindley Chambers will not be a new one. Summarising the things Lindley has done and is going to do takes some doing, but Torq have somehow managed a concise write up to demonstrate the skills of this man. He will be a welcome addition to the team and I really look forward to hearing stories of his exploits when running with him this summer!


To say that Lindley is an ultra distance runner would be something of an understatement: his forte is races that are longer distances than some people would consider covering in a car and this focus on the longer end of the trail racing spectrum are reflected in Lindley’s motto which is “’Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”.

As a firefighter, a running coach and a gym instructor Lindley has his work cut-out simply finding the time to prepare for the races he has lined up. But Lindley is fascinated by all aspects of fitness and sport so he finds a way to manage a full time job and family commitments as well as training and racing. And he is going to need all the training he can get in 2013, as he is tackling the Grand Union Canal Race (145 miles from Birmingham to London along the canal towpath), the South Downs Way 100 miler, the Thames Ring 250 miles, the North Downs Way 100 and then a return to the race that defeated him last time – the 153 mile Spartathlon in Greece, widely considered to be one of the toughest races on earth. We think we might need to pack Lindley some extra TORQ recovery shakes after that lot!

Read his blog here, and follow him on twitter.

And there you have it, the 2013 TORQ Trail Team. Watch this space as our adventures unfold


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