Write This Run

Let me first start with an apology. It would seem that I have been doing it all wrong all this time. Subjecting you to some of the epic posts that I have subjected you on a weekly-fortnightly basis is just not the done thing! From here on in it’ll be short and sweet, hopefully more frequently – I want to keep you all engaged after all.

So, the things I have learnt today!?

  • I need to ‘find my voice’ – perhaps figure out why I am writing this blog, and who for?
  • I need 1000 hits per week, from 3x 300 word blogs each week to interest marketing companies
  • If I say yes to everything and fill the world with positivity then I might end up living in Scotland with an ultra runner and some chickens
  • If the doctor says something you don’t agree with – get another doctor! And be an inspiration for others!
  • Talk to people. Mental Health is still far too much of a taboo subject, but some amazing people are doing some incredible things to combat that perception
  • Mimi Anderson is as inspirational as I had suspected
  • I still need to ‘find my voice’ and be authentic. Who am I again?
  • Learn to tell a story on paper as I might tell it in the pub – don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit
  • Use twitter – not only to be inspired, but to inspire others. The power of networking can be immense
  • Chobani yoghurts are immense
  • Sports nutrition companies still continue to pedal the ‘dehydration’ and ‘2% = reduction in performance’ lies. This is ridiculous!
  • I need to work on ‘controlled falling
  • Scott Overall is fast. But I can keep up when he runs at my pace.

I am not convinced I can sum up everything that I took from today’s seminar in one long blog, let alone a concise one. Suffice to say that it was brilliant to meet up with runners that I know and have met including Louise, Rachel, Stuart, Lise and ,TORQ Trail Team leader, Simon. But it was a fantastic opportunity to meet people like Jay and Jen whose blogs I read religiously, and whom I was able to spot as soon as I saw them, but had never actually seen in the flesh.

I also got a chance to run and chat with Olympian Scott Overall who slowed down to 8min/miles for us. And as I ran I also took the opportunity to test out some On shoes. Tough to tell how successful they were as I was running on grass, but a very comfortable shoe none-the-less.

The work that Liz and Laura had put into Write This Run was plain to see and the event appeared to run without an issue. Amazing effort guys, and I can’t thank you enough for putting on such a brilliant day! Bring on the next one – if only for a goody bag like this:

WOW, right?!
WOW, right?!

The three miles were all I did this weekend! Talk about tapering!! :-)

Did you guys have a good Sunday?


28 thoughts on “Write This Run

    1. Seizing the momentum from the day – and trying to write something shorter than my usual tomes!! :-) I had a great day, so informative and inspirational!

    1. It was a whole day of people who run and blog. An opportunity to hear from some industry experts and to meet people I have thus-far only known in a digital world

      1. Sounds good… Where was it? You will have to share all when we are in the ALPS…! I’m in the process of redoing my blog, moving to self hosting and sprucing it up…

  1. Today was brilliant! I need to do all of those things too, except move to Scotland. I’ve done that, so I guess I need to buy some chickens. :)

  2. Thanks for the write-up, that’s really interesting. For me, the 3×300 word posts bit is interesting as I struggle to find the balance between length/content/frequency. I’ll bear this in mind when I pen my next post :)

    1. I’m like that, and end up saving a week or two of writing for a small book – mostly because I think I’m afraid people won’t want to read what I have to say three times a week!

      1. That’s something I’m really going to struggle with. Even if I start off intending to post a quickie, it always ends up spiralling into 2000+ words of complete waffle. I guess a lot of people start reading my stuff but then get fed up towards the end. I might try an experiment, and write loads of inflammatory stuff (about hydration? Lol) in the last few paragraphs and see if anyone notices.

        There was some interesting stuff about blogging yesterday, but ultimately it’s about finding that balance between writing a successful blog and staying true to writing in a way that you enjoy. There’ve been a couple of times I’ve found myself thinking of BornToPlod almost as if it were a business concern, and had to slap myself for it.

        See? Waffled again…

      2. haha, I love your blogs, and would think nothing of it if you waffled on about some nonsense on the topic of race hydration involving how many litres of tuna brine you could drink or something similar!

  3. It was a great day, wasn’t it – glad someone did a better job than me at taking notes. I nearly said something about the dehydration thing too but bit my tongue!

    1. I don’t think it was the right time to try and have that debate with someone fresh out of uni just saying what she’s been taught to say. Can’t believe I didn’t notice you to say hi, but it would have been rude walking round staring at everyones (m/b)oobs to see what their name was! :-) I’m not very good in social situations – come to think of it, why did I go to this event?!? :-) glad you had a good time!

      1. I know – I’m sorry, I really wanted to say hi but the day just flew by! Maybe we should all have a Write this Pub meet up over the summer!

      2. +1 for the social awkwardness. Kicking myself for not chatting to more people, but I was just happy to bask in the presence of like minded runny bloggers. We’re a bit of an odd bunch aren’t we?

        Also, +1 for the pub thing. I suggested a while back to Liz n Laura that for the next one it’d be great to so a weekend running camp. Campfires, beer, several runs, guest speakers, beer, definitely no guitars, beer.

    1. I doubt I’ll blog about it until at least Sunday, so unless you want something to read on your run, then you should be safe :-) Good luck in Cardiff!

  4. Well done on getting the Write This Run post up. Perfectly catches highlights & BBQ.
    After an extended drive home of hours I headed straight to the pub to meet hubby. & friends and gushed about the day for ages. They seemed properly interested. Hubby disappointed no Mars bar in goody bag when he raided it !

    So many new blogs to catchup on. & read.
    Great summary & let’s get better beautiful blogs out there for the world to read :-)

  5. Hooray! Great meeting you, too, Chris. :) I’m so totally gonna steal your post as I don’t think I have the time to do a proper write up. Don’t worry, you’ll get full credit for everything! :)

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