NDW50 – not long to go now

The widget on the left says ‘four days to go’ and that sends shivers coursing through my body and causes heart palpitations.

Every time I shuffle one foot in front of the other from the 31.75 mile point will be another step further than I have ever run before.

BBC Weather   London

The weather forecast is for ‘wet’ and whilst I don’t mind running in the rain for a bit, the prospect of being out in it for 10 or more hours is frankly a bit scary! Having read about the horrors of the TP100 and SDW50 that Centurion have hosted so far this year, the chances are that they make it 3 out of 3 for washouts in 2013.

I’ve been trying to figure out pacing and sending out info to my ‘crew’ consisting of Lyndsey, and my parents. The problem is, both parts of my crew have other things to be doing at least until lunch time, so trying to work out accurately what I may want from them, when, and how I might guarantee that I get it is proving to be tough.

I have concocted a pacing chart for them based on a ‘dream’ time, and one that uses my knowledge of each section of the race which forms my ‘target’ time.

As the old adage goes

if you feel good in an ultra, don’t worry it’ll soon pass. If you are feeling bad in an ultra, that too will pass.

It’s all about the mental fortitude to push through. Most ultra drop-outs actually occur from an inability to understand that the bad-times will pass. It can be too easy to succumb to ‘fatigue’ and it is important to understand that I only need to stop when something serious might come from a niggle or injury. It is this mental strength that I fear I am lacking in general! Maybe I need to get something tattooed on my hand that reminds me to keep going! :-)

RUN FAST    \m/

7 thoughts on “NDW50 – not long to go now

  1. Hopefully there will be more sunshine and less showers come Saturday. I will be watching the live timings see how everyone does (wishing I was running). Good luck, and a mantra I always liked is “Relentless Forward Progress”

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