I had a dream


The sun is shining, but a cooling breeze took the edge off and as we run through the long grass at the edge of a field and rustled the leaves along the tree-lined paths as the line of runners enjoy the dappled shade that’s provided.

The North Downs Way looks beautiful today and I’m running care-free (and fancy free). It’s easy putting one foot in front of the other as I cruise along stopping only to enjoy the buffet laid on at aid stations and power walking up all the hills.

The first 50 miles of the race is going absolutely perfectly and as I meet my Mum and Dad at Knockholt it suddenly becomes apparent that Lyndsey has gotten lost and I don’t have my head torch or gel re-stock. I’ve run a comfortable 50 miles but this delay sets me back.

From here on in I am struggling. It’s still daylight so I decide to take the risk to run on without the stuff and hope that Mum and Dad would catch up with Lyndsey before the 60 mile point.

The clouds started collecting in the sky and before long the darkness was taking over as the rain came in.

But I’m not sure how it went from there, because I woke up! :-(

I have never dreamed about a race before. I am not sure whether it’s a good thing or not. At least the first half of the race was pleasant!


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