A week of two halves

I’m not sure I need to go back over what happened last weekend. If you’ve been living under a rock you can read about the miserable car mishap here.

Well on Saturday I couldn’t be bothered to go out for a run, and on Sunday I found enough busy-work to do in order to avoid going for a run. Graham Carter on twitter gave me some encouragement to head out, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Get out, go run and remember why you do it – it’s bloody good fun and we feel ace afterwards (and sometimes during) a run :-)

Monday and Tuesday also passed with the bare minimum of running activity as I waited at home to hear the verdict on the car repair (which was thankfully cheaper than it might have been), and then avoided the track so I could do a faster run on Wednesday.

Despite being back at work on Wednesday for exams results day preparation I was just about ready for run and it was going to be a little different from teh norm as I drove down to Guildford to join a bunch from the club on the first 5mile Club Handicap. Rebecca had planned a great route utilising the North Downs Way out towards Watts Gallery and back. With my handicap time set I headed off in a small group chasing down the first place runner. In the group I was feeling strong and leading from the front; to start with.

A mile into the run, in the soft sand, I lost traction underfoot and rolled over on my ankle. The third time on this ankle in a little over two months. The North Downs Way just wasn’t for me this week.

Aware that I didn’t want to push it too hard I instantly stopped the Garmin and turned around and begun trudging back to where we had started. In all honesty I just wanted to cry. What a miserable week I was having!

this feeling soon dissipated with a pint and a pizza at the pub with the gang! It made for a good end to the evening at least.

Obviously I decided not to run again on Thursday, and on Friday I was due to do 6 miles at HM pace with a warm up and cool down. After a long day at work and with a lingering discomfort I just decided I could not be arsed!

On Saturday morning I decide (a little late) that I was going to give parkrun a whirl over at Guildford. My first 5km effort of 2013 and I was a little nervous if truth be told. Obviously I’ve done a fair amount of work on the track this year, but that has been more about avoiding a constant slow plod than real speed focus.

Needless to say, it hurt. My legs were definitely falling off towards the end. And having ballsed up my Garmin I had a long wait before the text message came through to tell me my time.

looking cool! :-)
looking cool! :-)

20:58, and my first time ever under 21 minutes. Beating my previous Guildford parkrun time by over a minute, and taking 13 seconds off my 5km time! woohoo!! I was absolutely made up with the result.

On Sunday I was given the express instruction to go out and get some miles on the trails; to enjoy myself, and to remind myself why I was doing all of this. Not one to disobey my instructor I laced up my shoes and set off out the door. I had a route programmed onto the Garmin; one that included a large proportion of routes I hadn’t explored before. Sadly at times it appeared no one had explored them for a while. The trails were heavily overgrown in a few places so I was trail-blazing, and reduced to a walk at times. But all that does is afford you time to lift your head and enjoy the surroundings. 12 miles later I had done as I was told and been for a lovely run on some trails, done some exploring, had a chance to do some thinking, and had two and a half hours to really enjoy myself again.

Hopefully this is me back on an upward trajectory with my running. Especially as my knee is feeling tonnes stronger as I continue to do my physio exercises and now I am able to even do single leg squats!! I’m also doing all my mundane daily tasks (tooth brushing, coffee making etc) standing on one leg as I seek to improve ankle strength, and it feels like it’s working!

Onward and upward – to Caesar’s Camp Endurance Run where I have just seen my name on the startlist!!


9 thoughts on “A week of two halves

  1. You are doing it wrong… making coffee shouldn’t be mundane… ever, it is a vital part of the day, and gets repeted throughout… Standing on one leg is still optional through, and should perhaps be encouraged as it will help to keep the mind focused..!

    Glad to hear you had one of those good runs on Sunday, we all have rubbish weeks, but finishing a rubbish week with a blast, almost makes it worth while… Good luck on the Caesar’s Camp…!

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