Tifosi Slip Sunglasses

One of the many wonderful sponsors of the Trail Running Team are Tifosi who have supplied us with some ‘Slip’ sunglasses to enjoy. We received them in Chamonix, and in the (generally) pretty glorious summer that we have enjoyed I have had plenty of opportunity to test them out on the roads and trails from the Alps to Box Hill. Here are some of my first impressions

The sunglasses come in a small bag (which doubles as a cleaning cloth), in a larger and more drop-proof case, which is then housed in a box. Also inside the case are a collection of different coloured lenses.

Tifosi Slip sunglasses with case, cloth and changeable lenses

The case is pretty study, but by virtue of the the style of glasses it is a a pretty sizeable case and whilst it is fine for traveling, it is probably a little too bulky to carry with you when running on the off chance you might want to change lenses mid-run.

The glasses supplied are a snazzy white colour, but Tifosi offer a good range of colours from orange to blue, and from gunmetal to black. They are light – an advertised 25g, and with the adjustable rubber ear pieces they are comfortable to wear. In addition, the nose pieces are reversible so that those with a fatter nose can open up the space a little, and the rubber clings pretty well even when soaked with sweat so they don’t bounce up and down on your face.

White Tifosi Slip sunglasses

Three lenses are supplied with the glasses and they are housed in a neat little pouch which velcroes in to the carry case so you don’t lose them.

AC (All Conditions) Red
AC (All Conditions) Red

AC Red is your general all rounder – works in bright light, but on covered trails you can still see. These are my most frequently used lenses.


The Smoke Lens allows on 15% of the light through (as opposed to the 40% achieved with AC Red) and as a result they work fantastically in bright daylight. Once I cut into the covered trails though, I find they can be a little too dark – especially when lighting becomes dappled and glare can become a bit of an issue.


The Clear lens is perfect for protection from wind and rain. I’ve not had call to use these lenses, but I suspect they would be particularly useful for me during the night on long runs where I just need some protection for my contact lenses to stop the wind drying them to my eyeballs.

One clever piece of technology are the three little vents that are cut into the top of the lens which help to allow some airflow through the lens and therefore decreases fogging on the lens.

Supposedly, the lenses are super tough and shatterproof. I have not yet taken a hammer to them to test this theory, so I’ll have to take their word for it. But equally, I haven’t managed to break them during the simple changing process, and I’m like a bull in a china shop with that sort of thing so they must stand up to some abuse!

These are great running sunglasses and very comfortable to wear. The mix of lenses cover a huge spectrum of running conditions and as autumn and winter approach I look forward to trying them all out.

As always, my thanks go to our wonderful sponsors on this adventure:
Torq, Mammut, Tifosi, Compressport, LED Lenser

And don’t forget to check out the amazing new Trail Running Team website!


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