It’s taken a couple of months, but the latest copy of Trail Running is on the shop shelves, and if you haven’t already got a copy, then you jolly well should. Not only is it of course a blummin’ good read, but on page 60 of the October/November 2013 issue you get to enjoy an article all about the Trail Running Team.

You even get to see my lovely legs as you open the page. Well, I say legs, but I mean the bit between the bottom of my shorts and the top of the compressport calf guards.

phwoar, look at them legs.
phwoar, look at them legs.

The article itself is based primarily on the second day of our tour around the Mont Blanc region where we ran from Les Houches via Les Contamines to the the refuge at Tre la Tete. A day with much elevation gain, and sadly a day where I did very little actual running. It was a great article to bring back some wonderful memories though, and well worth a read with relation to some great insight on training at altitude and the effects that it offers – well, if it’s good enough for Mo… :-)

Ahhh. Alpine Flats, how I miss them so!
Ahhh. Alpine Flats, how I miss them so!

There you have it, grab a copy of the latest issue and enjoy a good read about that, oh and of course all the other great thingss like shoe reviews, woodland trail routes, and tonnes of super inspirational photos!!

As always, my thanks go to our wonderful sponsors on this adventure:
Torq, Mammut, Tifosi, Compressport, LED Lenser

And don’t forget to check out the amazing new Trail Running Team website!


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