Race day in pictures

Yesterday I stumbled upon the wonderful WhatisUltra page on Tumblr. It is a site full of hilarious gifs describing every facet of the joys of being an ultra runner. I have pinched a couple to highlight the things that might happen next weekend!

Lets start with the weather. It’s been somewhat changeable recently, and depending on where you look there will be a different long range forecast. My current favourite is one that says it will be settled by next weekend, if a little cold (6 degrees) over night. As long as it doesn’t look like this then I don’t mind:


It’s a hilly course – supposedly a total of 15,000ft in total. I sense that by the time daylight comes round on day 2, I’ll be looking at any incline like this:

That climb was not on the elevation profile!!
That climb was not on the elevation profile!!

Lynds will be there in the daylight hours, but my awesome Ma and Pa are going to be seeing me through the race. The beauty of the race is that it is loops and therefore I am never more than a few miles away from food. Despite Henks enchanting personality, I do fear that whilst waiting for 2 hours or so of every lap, my crew will be looking something like this:
crew waiting

Which should rule out any chance of this happening:

When you realise that your Crew aren't at the aid station
When you realise that your Crew aren’t at the aid station

Hoping I don’t need to apologise too much for being like this:
crew runner behaviour

In the dark of the night, I fear that the short sharp and nasty downhills will turn in to an approach like this:

When I do finally make it to the aid station I shall assume I look something like this:
aid station feel

Everyone else around me will see me looking far more like this:
aid station look

As sleep tries to sneak his little claws into me, I will begin to start eating caffeine gels like sweets and at mile 80-something when they finally all kick in, this will likely be the result:
sleep deprivation caffeine gels

Obviously pacing is f the utmost importance, and it’s key that I get it right and don’t set off too fast. It’s easy to feel too good in the first 10 miles of a 100 mile race:
100 miler first 10

Otherwise in the final 10 you look a lot more like:
100 miler last 10

But finally, when all is said and done, and I triumphantly approach the finish line, I will feel epic:
finish think

But I’ll probably just look like this.
finish actual

But who cares what I look like, I’ll have finished. I’ll have run (moved) for 100 miles. And when people tell me that they would think twice about even driving that far, for about the trillionth time I’ll just look at them like this:
I dont drive that far

And for at least a fortnight afterwards I suspect I’ll be attacking all staircases like this:
stairs after race


6 thoughts on “Race day in pictures

  1. Very best of luck next weekend Chris. Am sure it will be an amazing experience and hope all goes well. Love the pictures from whatisultra!

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