And then life gets in the way

Approximately 6 weeks ago I actually managed to write some words on my blog. Admittedly they weren’t hugely positive words as I had been crippled by Caesars Camp, but they were words none-the-less.

Much time has passed since then and nothing but tumbleweed has been seen drifting around my minuscule corner of t’interweb.

It’s not that I haven’t missed you all terribly, I have. Rather, I’ve had nothing much to say. I certainly didn’t want to bore you with my distinct lack of running.

So, what of my running? Well, I did some. One run a week, about four weeks after Caesars, and they were short at best. The first return to the pavements was two miles long. The first was relatively pain-free, the second was somewhat painful. I walked the rest of the way home once I achieved the nice round figure of ‘2’ on the garmin. The following Sunday I resigned myself to trying again and knocked out three miles in fractionally less than 30 minutes. I was hardly setting the world on fire.

In the next week I actually ran on Saturday, ensuring that I was back to the heady heights of 2 runs per week. This time I managed to add another mile to the total distance and cracked out a generally-quite-comfortable-on-my-legs-but-tough-on-my-heart-and-lungs 4 miler.

During this time I was trying to nurse myself back to full health with some non-running activities including pilates on a Monday night and a BodyPump class on a Wednesday. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the BodyPump classes, but they are pretty mental! I found myself aching all over for three days after each session. I was feeling stronger though, and I definitely think that this helped my running as I eased back into it.

But that was the 23rd November; A few things have changed since then.

I haven’t run a single step
I haven’t been twisted like a pretzel at pilates
I haven’t done any deadlifts at a BodyPump class
I haven’t slept for more than a few hours at a time
I haven’t worked for a fortnight

What I have been doing is lots and lots of hugging, and kissing, and nappy changing, and cooking, and feeding, and supporting my beautiful wife and our newborn baby, Delilah, who we welcomed to the world three weeks ago. It’s been wonderful!



7 thoughts on “And then life gets in the way

  1. Chris – she is beautiful – it’s good to have you back even if it’s only for a short time. Don’t beat yourself up about not running – spend all the time you need with Delilah and your wife – believe me it goes very quickly and before you know it, she’ll be 18 :)

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