A New Concept in Running*

*OK, so maybe it’s not that new. But out of necessity I have discovered this craze in lunchtime perambulation rather than crazy early morning, which I hate, or late at night, which can be a little dangerous around here in the winter.

So far this year I have managed to cover 90.4 miles under my own steam, on my own two legs. In that period I have gained just over 6,000ft of elevation and worryingly averaged a HR reading of 164bpm. It is scary how unfit I feel and why I am so pleased that Delilah has encouraged the opportunity to run at lunchtime thereby forgoing the delicious treats on offer in the dining room at school.

For the exact same period in 2013 I had covered 330 miles including a total elevation gain of 16,500ft and an average HR of 150bpm. This included the thirty miles of the Cleveland Way, 20 around the Devils Punchbowl, and the National Cross Country Champs in the snow.

Sadly, this year I have managed a solitary XC showing and whilst I have enjoyed the opportunity to get out on the trails locally, I see no end in sight for this buggered knee that is halting progress and the myriad other ailments that picking up and carrying a baby seems to be bringing to my skeletal system!

I thought that for Jantastic I would place a nice easy target of three runs – I am not currently training for anything major so it would be an opportunity to build up a base. I have only managed two runs a week for ages. It’s getting ridiculous. I need to get my mojo back, and some strength and conditioning. I am contemplating some Maffetone training to get my HR down, but when I tried that this weekend, I went over the prescribed 146bpm limit within 100 meters on the flat. Ridiculous!

I don’t know whether to go ahead and run the Surrey Half Marathon in a weeks time, because I haven’t run that distance in quite some time. When I did 9 miles on Sunday at a really easy pace I felt good at the time, but have struggled since. If I run faster it hurts more when I run but strangely enough it appears to clear quicker. What a conundrum! :-(


4 thoughts on “A New Concept in Running*

    1. I’d like to, but there are two hindering factors – 1) I can’t do that at work. 2) with Lyndsey on maternity leave I can’t afford fees for using a pool!

      At the physio on Saturday – so we’ll see what she says

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