Update from the Physio’s Table

My, what bandy legs you have.
My, what bandy legs you have.

I finally bit the bullet, and headed back to the physio on Saturday as my knee continues to give me issues – it took two days to recover from running 9 slow miles last week. The feedback was a mixed bag of fortunes.

There is some fluid on the knee – which I could see moving as Bridget prodded and poked. This has caused a lot of swelling in and around my knee – particularly under the patellar.

Bridget performed a lot of manipulation tests, which didn’t hurt too bad so thankfully that would suggest little or no ligament/cartilage/meniscus damage. Phew!

She videoed me running a few short reps in the car park and will assess these this week – I suspect some imbalances will quickly come to light.

Surprisingly I was apparently not all that unbalanced when performing static exercises from one leg to the other, but there are some definite weaknesses cropping up. Evidently my left leg muscles (Quad, Hamstring, Glute, and Calf) are all significantly weaker than those on the right. Since first injuring my knee way back whenever it was, I have lost a lot of muscle tone. It would seem I have been running on my right leg and dragging my left one along with it! Lazy bugger!

So for this week I get to wear this delightful tubigrip every waking hour in an attempt to bring down the swelling in conjunction with some icing whenever I can. In addition I have to do some simple calf raises and single leg dips a couple of times a day to try and start building that muscle back up again. Then in a week or so, hopefully it will have gone down and Bridget can crack on with some soft tissue work and I’ll be back running soon! I hope!

In the short term though, I don’t think there will be any Surrey Half-ing for me this weekend :-(



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