Update from the Physio’s Table. Part II

Having dashed from work, getting caught behind a cyclist, and hitting traffic at a narrow bridge crossing, I just made it to my physio appointment with Bridget on time last night.

First of all we looked through the slow-mo videos filmed last weekend to see a few potential issues with my gait:

  • my feet cross over each other as if I am trying to run along a single line
  • In doing so, I land largely on the outside of my foot before it snaps down to the ground and then I propel myself forwards
  • Whilst my right foot has a decent range of motion, my left appears to be flat as a pancake throughout the whole running cycle
  • My hips definitely don’t stay anything even approaching level

The hips thing is pure instability, and strengthening the Tibialis Anterior (TA) will hopefully go someway to solving the pancake flat foot angle.

apparently it was immediately evident last weekend that it is my toe extension tendons doing most of the work that the TA should be doing
apparently it was immediately evident last weekend that it is my extensor digitorum longus doing most of the work that the TA should be doing

That work might solve the leg crossing over thing, or indeed that might not be an issue. Bridget will show the Chiropractor the videos and ask for his expert opinion. I might not see him until after Lyndsey is back from maternity leave – and maybe earning a HoD salary ;-)


Bridget was incredibly pleased with the progress with my knee, and struggled to find any signs of swelling. The irritation caused by having a giant tubigrip on for 10 days suddenly all felt worthwhile. I have been able to get a good range of motion over the last week with single leg dips so there was also some strength coming back in, though obviously still not quite as much as the right leg.

There was a little soft tissue work done to the painful bony bit on my leg. Bridget is still not really able to come up with a reason for it, as it doesn’t seem to be aggravated by movement or lessened with rest, so she prodded and poked a bit, and hopefully I’ll see some results from that in the next few days.

my other source of pain is at the bony outcrop on outside of leg below the knee. Wierd.
my other source of pain is at the bony outcrop on outside of leg below the knee. Wierd.

Ultimately, my issues were a little clearer to see with less swelling and the Vastus Medialis Obliquus (VMO) – the nice ‘teardrop’ quad muscle – is not particularly well formed on either side, but the deficiency on the left hand side is allowing the patellar to track slightly out of line. With some exercises to build this area up, it should hopefully be encouraged to sit back in line a little.

So my exercises this week are:

  • Wide-legged squats with toes pointed out. Squats help the full posterior chain, but also do good work to the quads. The wide angle and the pointy-out toes will help to pinpoint that effort on the VMO.
  • Seated squat against a wall, with a ball (or similar) between my legs, squeeze and hold it there. With legs at ninety degrees, holding this squat will again work the quadricep muscle group. The squeezing action will encourage the adductor muscles to fire and in turn, focus the stress on the VMO. Hold this for 30 secs.
  • TA raises. Leaning against a wall (bum off,) transfer weight to heals by raising toes in the air and slowly lower them to the ground.

And for one final piece of mega awesome news. I am allowed to run. Well, when I say ‘run’, I am allowed to do 15 minutes of walk/run (2:1) and then take it from there. Woohoo, the sky is the limit!!


It’s certainly interesting watching videos of your running action in slow motion. Have you ever done it, did it show up any deficiencies in your movement?


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