Update from the Physios Table. Part the Third

It’s been a week or so since my last visit to Care for Health in Godalming, but I have been remiss in apraising you all of the current situation.

Bridget is happy with my continued progress, but I have struggled somewhat with the squat/lunge exercises required to build up the VMO on my left leg as I seem unable to isolate from my right leg. In turn this means that my left leg is only catching up at a slow rate. The only way to really fix this dilemma is using machines at a gym – which I am hesitant to do as I don’t think the local ones run a pay-as-u-go system :-(

Work on my tib-anterior is going OK, but it still seems my toes want to control the whole motion to a certain extent. Weird.

Those tendons from my toes, should not be so prominent when raising my foot. The tib-anterior should be doing that work!
Those tendons from my toes, should not be so prominent when raising my foot. The tib-anterior should be doing that work!

The strength of my knee seems to come and go a little bit, but is improving. In fact the only thing that remains lacking is my core strength when doing any squat/dip/single-leg raise exercise as I wobble all over the place.

I have did a little pilates at home last week in an attempt to get some core strength back. I could barely move for two days afterwards – I must get back to doing this more frequently!

Bridget has given me a fun morecambe-and-wise-esque/ministry of funny walks exercise which is basically running in slow motion. I am struggling with the coordination – but will hopefully have it cracked soon! I also recently read an interesting post on irunfar about the 100-up. This is a similar exercise and one that certainly seems worth trying out. Especially useful as I need to focus on planting my feet further apart when running!

Running wise, I managed to achieve >10miles last week for the first time in a while as I built up the process of run-walking to a 10:1.30 ratio. It was useful increasing the run time to this as it encouraged my too slow things down a bit. I felt that with the shorter running times I was almost running an interval session!

With the nights now nice and light, Delilah on a pretty consistent schedule, and three weeks of holidays, I seized the opportunity to head back to the track for the first time since about October last year. I was nervous about what might happen and whether I could cope, but the advertised session was reasonably short enough and allowed for further reduction in the number of reps if needed. Understandably I got a little slower during most of the reps, but everything felt good on the night.

Distance Time Rest
400m 1:30.7 0:45
800 3:20.9 1:00
800 3:24.3 1:00
800 3:20.6 1:00
800 3:29.2 1:00
800 3:29.1 1:00
800 3:31.0 0:45
400 1:40.1 0:30
200 0:42.3 0:00

I kept check after each rep, on how I was feeling, was my knee sore? It was hard work on my lungs, heart and legs, but not pain inducing so I was pleased with that.

What did happen though was something of my own making. I am currently running in Saucony Grid trainers. I have never been overly happy with them, but that’s just the way life goes I guess. They have covered about 250 miles in total I guess, but a while ago they started making a very bizarre squeaking noise from the left foot. I always assumed it was the motion of my running that seemed to be putting the outsole into some strange positions, but now I am not so sure. Needless to say it is blooming annoying, so at the track I decided instead to go with some different shoes and donned the Brooks T7s. They fit like a glove, they’re light weight, and they inspire me to run faster when they are on my feet. But they are also a much lower drop and I am not particularly used to running in them. So for the last 5 days I have struggled with a particularly tight calf muscle. Whoops. Sod vanity – I’ll be back in the squeaky shoes next week.

Yesterday was a pivotal moment as I ran for a total of 30 uninterupted minutes. I feel fine today as a result and my knee appears to be happy. Today will be the ultimate test I guess as I aim to do 5 miles this morning. I am building up my mileage slowly, with my first target of the season in my sights – the Dorking 10 mile race in early June.

taken from another great article by Joe Uhan on irunfar
She might be on schedule, but she ain't a fan of baby rice! :)
She might be on schedule, but she ain’t a fan of baby rice! :)

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