Oh Dear – The Fourth Update from the Physios Table

Despite my (almost-ish) faultless attempts to keep up my exercises Bridget almost laughed at my wobbly bandy-legged hops, twists, and bends when I last visited Care For Health. My instabilities, although diminished, certainly remain doggedly in my knees and hips. I explained a certain tightness that I had been feeling around the knee and how it had felt almost a little cumbersome – where the right leg flows smoothly, the left feels as though the joint is fighting through treacle.

Once up on the table the reason became apparent. After my 7 miles last Sunday, my knee was swollen again and the dreaded fluid that had been kept at bay for so long had made a sneaky return. I’d not necessarily noticed it that morning, but by now it was clear to see. So, Bridget went to work with some prodding, poking and massaging as she sought a reason for the inflammation.

To no avail.

There was no evidence forthcoming, and so she has suggested that the next course of action is an MRI scan. Now they can refer my for the bargain price of £300 (don’t think maternity pay stretches that far). Instead, I have booked an appointment with the Doc next week, where hopefully he will refer me on the good ‘ole NHS and I’ll get a scan sometime in my mid-sixties.

Bah Humbug :-(

Though, she didn’t say I couldn’t run….

I have just noticed, that this is post 199. Surely post number 200 should be something interesting and informative, or witty and insightful. Hmmm, shall have to get my thinking cap on.


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