Finding another sport to play

I finally had my MRI and X-Ray last week. Thanks to the joy of the NHS waiting times, I have no idea how long it will take to actually meet with the consultant again to discuss the results – or indeed the next course of action.

Since then, no one has told me that I can’t exercise, but I have enjoyed the time to rest so I haven’t actually done anything even remotely active and spent the time with my girlies.

That being said, I have also been a total pain in the arse and like a bear with a sore head, so I think Lyndsey was vaguely happy for me to go out for a run last week and test out my knee which has felt much better when ascending/descending stairs and even when prodding it.

I hadn’t gone very far when I got a strange tightening sensation across the front of my knee that I’d not experienced before. This seemed to dissipate again not long after. My right leg also didn’t feel great – but that’s probably more due to a lack of conditioning than anything else.

I managed a couple of miles before calling it a day – generally feeling pretty fed up.

In my indignation I decided to research other sports that I could partake in – either whilst recovering or just swapping from the running that is so obviously damaging to my skeleton. My search resulted in all sorts from Real Tennis to Extreme Ironing, and from Karate to Dwarf Throwing or Wife Carrying (mine is 6ft tall, so I think I ruled that one out pretty quickly!)

Lob a dwarf
Wife Carrying
Ironing and cycling – surely a match made in heaven :-)

At the end of the day I decided that the Tour de France was incredibly motivational and I wanted a bike. But then I remembered that I am not made of money and can’t afford that option – I bought cheap once before, and it was a heap of junk :-( I then thought about swimming as a non weight bearing option, and a gym membership would allow me to go with Delilah, too. But down in this part of the world that ain’t cheap either.

So, my plan instead is to somehow spend the next few weeks off work on my general strength and stability and working on building up that dodgy VMO on the left leg.

Running, you are the only one for me – I can’t believe I have been looking elsewhere for satisfaction!


3 thoughts on “Finding another sport to play

    1. Only a little over a week to wait now. Some days it feels fine, but then I twist is slightly and it’s back to being a bugger again! Fingers crossed something actually showed up on the scans

  1. Not been able to run is really thought once you are addicted. Earlier this year I found out an injury I have is likely to be permanent and that I will probably have to significantly reduce running. I appreciate that it can be expensive but I have found that cycling is a reasonable replacement to prevent going mad. It doesn’t have quite the same simplicity as just sticking one shoes and heading out for a run, but it is a new way to knacker myself out. Good luck with rehab and I hope you get back running soon.

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