In Limbo

I am getting fat!


One of the best perks of my job, apart from the gorgeous surroundings and three free meals a day, is the tremendous holidays that I get to enjoy. And during those holidays I can run pretty much whenever suits the family schedule and rack up lots of excellent miles and truly enjoy the wonderful (and not so wonderful) weather that the UK has to offer throughout the summer.

Except, this summer I have managed a sum total of 4.46 miles over two individual runs which have each been a little uncomfortable as I wait for a diagnosis on my knee.

Despite damaging my knee last February, I managed to do quite a lot of running in the following few months, and completed 50 miles without any issue whatsoever, so I’m not really sure what made it decide to finally pack in when it has. I suppose though, that it’s for the best, because if it hadn’t then I wouldn’t be getting it sorted. Which is a funny way of describing what I’m doing, as I am not so much ‘getting it sorted’, rather, waiting around for the NHS to sort me in their own time whilst I twiddle my thumbs.

So you may well remember that I had my appointment with the consultant just before I broke up for the summer. He was pretty quick to jump to the conclusion of a lateral meniscus tear and a cyst, and referred me for x-rays and an MRI scan which I attended in early July. The radiologist gave me no indication of anything he’d seen, so I waited, and I waited, and I waited for my next appointment with the consultant. Last week I finally had that meeting.

In the office, a black and white image of my knee filled his computer screen, and the consultant wasted no time in confirming his suspicions of a torn meniscus and a cyst – he actually appeared quite pleased with himself.

This isn’t mine – but it looked something similar to this

At this point I expressed my depression at having thrown so much money at physios for this problem for so long before the true scale became apparent.

And the solution to a problem like this? Surgery.

So the plan is for arthroscopy to go into the knee, have a prod around and chop bits off my meniscus. He seemed fairly confident about the whole thing, and was quick to point out that as I’m a young chap he would be trying to take away as little as he possibly could. If I still hurt two weeks after surgery then he may well whip me back in there to shave a bit more off. He was quite blasé about the whole thing. Which in a way is quite reassuring. Given his confidence in his first diagnosis I had done a little googling and turned up some positive stories. Now that I am definitely having the surgery I have been trying to read a little more about it, and now I’m getting quite scared. Annoyingly, I don’t have an idea of timescale, as he simply deferred my answer to the response “we have this 18 week thing now”. But I don’t think Stephen Hawking even understands how the 18 week thing works in the NHS, so who knows when I’ll go under the knife.

When I posted this feedback on Facebook last week I was quite pleased to hear that the one and only Robbie Britton had keyhole surgery, and he got a team GB vest for running incredibly fast; so there may still be hope for me yet.

But, I am going to have to shed some lbs fast, because for some reason my appetite is insatiable at the minute, and even if it is (for the most part) healthy, too much is still too much!

At some point I’ll have to ask the question “and when can I run again?” But I haven’t been able to do that yet, because I am simply too scared of a negative answer!

What has made this whole ordeal even more traumatic is that the lovely folks over at the Running Bug have kindly selected me as one of their intrepid testers for the new TomTom Runner Cardio, but all I’ve been able to test so far has been its watch function.


That said, it does find the GPS signal amazingly quickly, and I did a sneaky test at home comparing the wrist-based HRM with the cumbersome chest strap of the garmin, and it matched perfectly!

Built in HRM on the wrist strap. Amazing
Built in HRM on the wrist strap. Amazing

Come to think of it, I still have compressport shorts to review, and insoles from superfeet! I best get this bloomin’ operation soon or people will stop sending me stuff! :-)


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