To hell with it

So, I went for a run.

I decided I didn’t even care about my stupid knee anymore – I just needed the rush of wind in my hair. Fully prepared to only manage one paltry mile, I was quite surprised when I was able to push on for a second.

Even better was still to come though, I carried on an bagged myself a 5km run whilst testing out the new TomTom Runner Cardio.

5km run

Not exactly the speediest 5km I’ve run – possibly pushing for the slowest ever in fact, but boy was I pleased to have knocked that out.

Interestingly, my legs have actually had a little DOMS for the last 24 hours or so – it has been just that long since I ran anywhere in anger.

The problem is, that my knee does now feel a bit sore. I’ve done some walking since the run, and every now and then I get a few twinges across the knee.

I don’t even care. It was a brilliant 27 minutes! :-)


5 thoughts on “To hell with it

  1. I wouldn’t call that a slow 5k!! It great when you get our for a run and you know you shouldn’t ;)
    Hope that knee fixes (get your hands on Anatomy For Runners, great book with recovery type things that work in it!)

    1. It’s slower than my first ever parkrun at the hilly Banstead woods course, but I appreciate that it’s not necessarily “slow”.

      Thanks for the book tip, will look into it and see what advice physios give once I’ve had the knee op. :-)

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