It’s bad for your knees, you know?


If I hear that misinformed tid-bit of information one more time I might just scream. It’s tempting to host an assembly at school and produce a powerpoint to debunk all that nonsense.

OK, so I have a little limp at the mo, and am more than a little slow up and down stairs, and when asked what happened I explain that I had surgery on my knee.

“Running too much?” they ask.
“No, not really” comes my immediate response.
“Oh, so how did you do it?”
“ummmm…. twisted my knee whilst running.”
“you see, I told you so. Running is bad for your knees”

[in my head] “NOOOOOOO ITS NOT!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!” [and breathe….]
“Well, no, actually. It’s not so much the physical act of running that has done for my knee, rather the gloopy mud of a well watered Surrey field in early February that simply encouraged me to lose my footing slightly which has resulted in this discomfort. Do not fear as soon as I am able I shall be lacing up my shoes again and heading out on the road or trail.”

“But…. it’s bad for your knees!”


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