Four weeks on

Four weeks ago, I enjoyed a brief stay in the Royal Surrey for a little snip of my knee meniscus. Here’s a few pics that show the progress I have made since.

all packaged up
all packaged up – fresh out of hospital I was wrapped in gauze and bandages which had to stay on for 48 hours. Movement was quite heavily restricted over this period, and completing the physio exercises were nigh on impossible.
one week on. some sexy knee shaving. it's a hot loook
one week on. some sexy knee shaving. It was a hot look. With the bandages off movement started to improve, but the swelling had built up without the bandages on.
A little over two weeks after the surgery, the doctors and nurses finally removed the plasters and low-and-behold, there were stitches under there. Stitches are surprisingly easy to take out it would seem! The registrar was really happy at the progress my knee was making.By now stairs were no longer an issue, and I was using the TENS machine to build up VMO mass again.
And then, four weeks later here it is. The holes are fully sealed and the only swelling seems to be in the fat pad area where the surgeons cut me open. Pain in general is next to nothing which is nice. I spent the whole day on my feet in London the other week with no real after effects.

So, there you have it – my recovery in pictures. And tomorrow, the cycle is hopefully complete as I take to the trails on Cranleigh parkrun as the official tailrunner! Wish me luck folks. Now, where’s my barcode?


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