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It’s been well documented that whilst beer might not yet be classed as a ‘superfood’, it is often full of minerals, mostly made of water and contains a good mix of carbohydrates. What does this add up to? a wonderful post-run rehydration tool for runners and other athletes. The running bible ‘Runners World‘ thinks so, and if the Telegraph says something, then it must be true.

Prof Manuel Garzon, of Granada University, also claimed the bubbles in beer help to quench the thirst and that its carbohydrate content can help to replace lost calories.

If you think beer stops at the Carlsberg tap on a bar, then you and I should probably not be friends – but if you know that beer comes in many shapes, sizes and colours, but don’t know quite where to start, then carry on reading my friend – I have something to tell you about.

I recently stumbled across from a flyer in an order I had received for something else. It had a discount code in it, so I thought why not give it a go. I then responded to a shout-out on twitter asking for bloggers to discuss the concept for a case of free beer. So in short, I have been sent one free box to review here – but I have also parted with my own hard-earned dollar on a few occasions too.

Welcome to a world of craft beer.
Welcome to a world of craft beer.

There are currently something approaching 1000 breweries in the UK with an estimated addition of 80 new ones every year. With all this stunning choice, why would anyone choose to stick with the (occasionially) bubbly piss on offer from the likes of Fosters, Carling and Carlsberg. But if you don’t know where to start, then beer52 can show you the way.

The Concept
It’s a simple one. For a monthly subscription you can receive a box in the mail with a collection of different ales to try. It will open up your beery-horizons and invite you to try new and exciting things in the world of beer.

A truly exciting collection of very different beers
A truly exciting collection of very different beers

Here is the box that I was very kindly sent by beer52. In it you can see a collection of beers from the heady heights of a 6+% belgian number, to the delightful session-style beer (one you can generally enjoy for an entire beer drinking session) of the ‘signature pale ale’. Every month comes with a free copy of ‘Ferment’ magazine which introduces you to the brewers and new news in the beer-world.

Craft beer - in a can
Craft beer – in a can

Not much craft beer comes in cans, and it seems this is a growing market as although canning beer is more expensive, the process offers fresher beer that lasts longer and is not affected by light in the same way. Last month I had the same beer in a bottle and in a can, and I can confirm that the can tasted fresher.

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And the cost?
I’m not going to lie – it’s not cheap, but then again the best things in life rarely are.
For £24 you get a case of brand new beers delivered to your door for free by Hermes. You peel off the selotape, grab the bottle opener and enjoy.

The good news
I have a rip-roaring deal for you – using the following discount code you can try the service for a discounted price. By entering MERCER10 at checkout, you save a whopping £10 so you can try the beer delivery service for just £14. Bargain.

What are you waiting for? Drink proper beer. Use the code MERCER10


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