Done and Dusted, Now it’s time to move on

I suppose, in my short running ‘career’, 2014 will forever be marked in the annals as one that missed the mark completely. Following the 100 mile disappointments of 2013, 2014 plummeted to new lows which were highlighted by a 10 week summer holiday that involved a grand total of just four runs measuring no more than 3.1 miles.

Light suddenly shone brightly at the end of the tunnel in mid September as I went under the surgeons knife to trim loose pieces of the torn meniscus in my left knee.

all packaged up
all packaged up

The healing period was frustratingly slow whilst stuck in the middle of it, though it may have been sped up had I stuck more religiously to the exercise plan.



Once the stitches were out I was able to start picking up the running again slowly but surely. And with the advent of a new parkrun in the village the opportunity to help out was great, and eventually I was tail-running to test out the healing limb.

For a little while I attempted to follow something approaching the Maffetone Method, but actually ended up choosing to enjoy the running a little more. I finished the year at Redcar parkrun where I initially ran at the very end of 2012 in a time of 21:11 – my 2nd best ever parkrun time. In 2014 I achieved a post surgery PB of 23:08, losing 2 minutes in 2 years. It certainly makes me think about my plans for 2015.

So where do I go from here?
My utmost desire for 2015, beyond all else, is to finally toe the start line of the Frankfurt Marathon which I have had to defer two years running. My proposed 16 week plan starts right at the very beginning of the summer holidays which could not be much more appropriate.

Before that, my plan is to get into the rhythm of training load and to build some speed up again. In my mind I have a plan to run the Staplehurst 10km in mid June because it is apparently flat and fast – if anyone has any views on this though I would welcome comments. If it is as fast as they say, then I would like a proper stab at getting as close to 40 minutes as I can. Prior to that, getting my 5km time to start with a 1 would be a dream come true – and to that end I hope to get back on the track as soon as possible. I don’t think any of it will be possible without some improvements to my core strength and conditioning – so I absolutely must pay some attention to that.

I got the year off to a cracking start with an impromptu 10km this morning which pleasingly took less than an hour – onwards and upwards.

Have a cracking 2015 everyone, I look forward to sharing it with you.


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