Goal Setting: A Dangerous Game To Play

I often use my blog as a way of setting my goals, and putting them out into the ether so that I could be held accountable for them. Conventional wisdom dictates that this is a sensible approach, and it’s one that is commonly used – certainly among fellow running bloggers; I think we all use this platform for a similar purpose.

Science, however, disagrees:


2 thoughts on “Goal Setting: A Dangerous Game To Play

  1. I agree to a point. Some goals are achievable if you stay committed (bar injury, etc.) and sharing them can help keep me on track, because otherwise I’d look like a bit of a dick. I’m loathe to make any goals public right now though, as I sincerely don’t know when I’ll manage to even run a 10k in the future, so making any running goals would just add pressure I don’t need in my recovery, and upset when I (inevitably) do not hit my milestones. Different strokes, different folks, I guess. :)

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