Finally Finished

After my last visit to the hospital I decided to load up the parking money yesterday and settled in for the long haul.

Naturally, the registrar was late, but only by about 20 minutes.

“How are you” she asked.

“Fine thanks.”
“And the knee?”
“Seems good. On occasion it feels a little um… ‘thick, heavy’ but by and large it’s pretty good.”
“Any pain on the side that you had before?”
“How’s the movement?”

*Cue demonstration of straightening and bending my leg*

“I struggle sometimes when crawling around after a fourteen month old”
“That’s to be expected. It might only be keyhole surgery, but an arthroscopy is still an invasive procedure.”

“I am up to about four runs a week, and managing just shy of 20 miles”
“Wow, you’re crazy”
“No, not in one go – 20 miles per week”
“Either way, I’ll be writing to your doctor and signing you off. You’re done!”

*that bit was in my head, of course*

Speaking of the fourteen month old, we took her to the farm on Wednesday and she loved it. What a cutey:



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