Cranleigh parkrun and Jantastic February

I am not convinced that Cranleigh parkrun will ever be properly dry underfoot. That’s not to say that it’s a bad thing, I just think that spikes will always be appropriate there. It was cool and crisp last weekend; perfect running conditions. Underfoot though, it was still important to be slightly cautious descending the hill on each occasion.

This week, despite Martin’s assurances is to the contrary, it was wet and windy and the rain during the week ensured a very gloopy course.

For my Jantastc goals I was keen to achieve a 7 mile run this morning – so I didn’t have to go out again tomorrow to attempt it! I set out the door a little earlier than usual with my spikes in my backpack and ran a little over a mile to get to the start line just in time for the briefing whilst I swiftly swapped shoes. The rain seemed to have eased slightly as we set of to the start, but it probably didn’t last very long.

After the exhilaration of being in second place for a short time last week, I was pleased to have not gone of quite so quickly this morning and I settled in quite happily where I was. The hill came and went, as it always did. And as we met the marshall at the slippy dogleg at the bottom I could hear Caroline behind me, chatting away. She did the same with Chris at the halfway point and I couldn’t help but feel like I was dying a little bit, yet she was able to hold full conversations.

Eventually she crept alongside and then past me, but I tried my best to keep up. Heading towards the hill for the second time I eased past her again, almost entirely thanks to the fact that I had my spikes on. From there-on-in it was all about holding Caroline off. I wasn’t confident though – she is a Guinness Record Holder (fastest marathon in a nurses uniform) and with a few hundred metres to go, she passed me again. I took the final 180° turn slightly wide in the mud and she gained a few more metres on me. As we turned onto the finishing straight I gave it all that I could: it wasn’t enough.

We were awarded the same time, but she received the P8 token, I received P9. It seems Caroline achieved a new PB at Cranleigh too, I on the other hand was a mere 3 seconds off last weeks time. Second week in a row below 24 minutes, but only just and my target of 23:30 for my Jantastic March goal is pushing it if the course doesn’t dry up soon!

I finished my morning with 2.5 miles around and about in Cranleigh. I had a rough week two of February in Jantastic which royally messed up my figures – and I’ve used both Jokers. However, I am feeling good for March, and I have a few goals lined up now for the coming months.



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