I wonder what they think of us

Every Tuesday, I often find myself pondering the same thing – normally when I should be working that much harder that thinking anything of any substance should be beyond me.

As they enjoy the air conditioned luxury and their electronically controlled efforts, I wonder what they must think of the sweaty idiots that they can see.

I mean, after all, what fun can it be to simply run around in circles? From the window upon high, their viewpoint of the whole track must be lovely in the winter when they can judge us for being so stupid to be out in the cold, the wet, the wind. Which sadistic designer decided that the best place for them to be, would be directly in front of the window that makes them look at us?

On any given Tuesday night there could be a hundred people on or around the Spectrum running track in Guildford – mostly juniors, but a fair few plodding (and super-speedy) seniors too. As we round the bend at about 300 metres (from where the seniors generally start), you can see them lined up infront of the window just above us – the flanks of treadmill runners.

And every Tuesday, I think: how sad it is that they feel they can’t join us out here in the cold, the wet, and the wind – because it’s exhilarating! And it’ll make us a damn sight stronger than jogging along on a treadmill ever will!

The Spectrum Track

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