Steve Moneghetti – Legend!

Given that I barely ran a step last year (though I somehow added up to a little over 300 miles) I am rather behind on my Marathon Talk podcasts – but this week I have heard by far and away the best interview ever (except yours of course Gavin.)

Steve Moneghetti - Sydney 2000 Olympic Marathon
Steve Moneghetti – Sydney 2000 Olympic Marathon

Legendary Steve Moneghetti appeared on MT spread over episodes 246 & 247, and whilst it was awesome to hear his story about his Olympic, Commonwealth and World Champs marathon success alongside other achievements including winning the Great North Run in a time of 1:00:34 and setting the (still unbeaten since 1991) record of 40:03 for the iconic 14km City 2 Surf race in Sydney.

It was also interesting to hear of his OCD approach to training and in particular the Fartlek sessions which have never appealed to me because of their ‘playful’ nature. Moneghetti takes a more structured approach with efforts of 2x90s, 4X60s, 4x30s, 4x15s (with the same recovery time as the preceding effort) – finally a Fartlek I can get on board with and I look forward to giving this a go soon.

Most impressive of all was listening to his outlook on training and racing which basically boiled down to an all-or-nothing approach and his opinion on the dearth of competitive running in the UK and Australia. This age-old story of a lack of commitment and desire seems to be driving our constant 2:10-2:16 marathoners whilst other nations are hitting 2:03 consistently.

Interestingly, this week the BBC have published an article in which an uncoordinated computer geek aimed to break the top 250 table-tennis players. He failed, but not by much, and it showed what can truly be achieved by hard work and determination.


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