I think I finally understand it

I am not going to lie, when I saw the email this morning from GGAC I was a little disappointed to see the word ‘Parlov’ appear with such exuberance on my screen. It barely seemed long ago since we last did it (in fact just four weeks have passed), and I’ve never really enjoyed it as a workout. So I whinged about it. But I did it with a smiley emoticon to deflect a certain amount of my whingy-ness, and I still turned up at the track to partake in the session.

But tonight was… a revolution!

The first time I did the Parlov, I was paired with someone considerably faster than me, we were on the grass in Stoke park rather than on the track, and it just seemed unfair that I had to run further and rest less than my partner. From here-on-in I vowed to try and get in a pair with someone of equal ability, and that worked out pretty darn well as we would enjoy a fairly even split between work efforts and rest periods.

This evening, things worked out a little differently. Three guys were pretty speedy, and three of us were pretty well matched at a bit slower. Rather than pairing the speedy guys together and the slightly slower guys together, we ended up with runner ‘A’ being speedy and runner ‘B’ being a bit slower, but not far off similar. And from here, it was a proper race.

The ‘A’ runners set off on their 400-500m(ish) rep and came through quite well together, then we ‘B’ runners set off on ours and Rob and I hung together pretty well for about five reps as Jonathan and Adam, our partners, did the same. Sadly for Jonathan and I, it all started to slip away from about rep six as the elastic snapped and neither of us could quite hold on to our competition. But it wasn’t for lack of trying though and ultimately this is when the Parlov finally clicked for me. It is not a session to go with someone your own pace, and then end up not really being pushed – it is a session in which to enjoy a bloody good smack-down!

How about that for a final pace? 5:12. BOOM
How about that for a final pace? 5:12. BOOM

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