Asics #MixUpYourRun – review of the DS20 and Gel-Glorify trainers

A little while back I found myself in the very fortunate position of receiving some shiny new shoes and apparel from ASICS*. Given all the running footwear I have owned over the years, I have never slid my feet into a pair of Asics so I was keen to give them a try. The key concept they were looking at was the idea of mixing your running up: doing a little bit on the track, the road, the trails, in order to develop your running and get more out of it. It is an idea I have always been in favour of, and it was great to receive the shoes that I did.

Here follows a couple of brief reviews:

Asics DS20

This bright orange shoe practically shone from inside the box, they are that bright. They are a funny shoe as they are fairly light and are advertised as a ‘go-faster’ shoe (though not quite so light as their 33-DFA model for example) but they actually come in with a surprising 9mm stack height. I hadn’t realised this when I first put them on and I would have told you they were lower if I had to guess. I am still undecided whether this works to their advantage or not.

From a practical standpoint, I have slotted these shoes into my lineup as the ones I wear every Tuesday night down at the track. In fact, the first day I got them I laced them straight up and headed out for a 400m speedwork session and felt like I was flying. It’s certainly nice to have the option to put on a different shoe for a specific session as I am sure that subconsciously it makes a difference to the level you put into that session.

I also set my new 10km PB in these bad boys, and they felt good. Strava tells me that so far I have logged almost 115 miles in the shoes; they are holding up very nicely.

I would suggest there are people out there who will be able to run marathon distance in these, but I am not sure that I would want to – probably because I am lucky enough to have so many pairs to choose from. I like having the distinction of these being lighter and faster than my other shoes, and the extra cushioning provided by something a little ‘go-longer’ makes me feel better on the long runs.

Something a little ‘go-longer’:

The other shoes that I got were the Gel-Glorify – a new model from Asics that has been on sale through Intersport in the UK. The shoe is designed to be one for the long haul. Traditionally I have used first Mizuno Wave Riders, then Brooks Ghost and Glycerin models and these are all well cushioned, neutral shoes. The Gel-Glorify comes from a more structured base and as such I am afraid I have not been able to get on with it at all.

That’s not to say they aren’t comfortable – they really are! In fact, they quickly became my day-to-day trainers for walking around in, but they simply felt too, ummm… clunky underfoot as I ran; probably something to do with the wedge of plastic in the arch. I know that some fellow bloggers have been super impressed here, and here, so please don’t let me put you off them. I should probably give them another chance. Perhaps I will, and I’ll report back if I change my mind!

Both pairs of shoes (along with some kit that I’ll review soon) were sent to me, free of charge, by Asics. I did not approach Asics, nor did they approach me expecting a positive review. I entered a competition on TheRunningBug website and, along with a number of other bloggers, was lucky enough to be selected. I never sell my soul to the companies who provide me with kit; I will always tell it how it is.

I’ve seen a lot of emails recently offering the DS20 heavily discounted – at that price I suggest everyone goes out and tries a pair.

*did you know that this is an anagram from the latin “Anima Sana in Corpore Sano” which translates as “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. Nice.


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