Marathon Training Week 9 – Same Again

It’s all getting a bit ‘samey’ on the blog recently.

I just can’t help it. I am super pleased to say that training is incredibly consistent and my running is going from strength to strength. Every week looks the same with a recovery run, a track session, a tempo session, a parkrun, and a long run.

I thought this week that parkrun must have been on for a winner as the weather was perfect, as were underfoot conditions. I went out hard, and held on as best I could. It didn’t work though, and I missed the PB again.

Thursday’s tempo run felt excellent as I upped the paces in two-mile increments from 8:15, to 8:00, to 7:45, before finally hitting 7:30.

Sunday’s long run was another early start and I reached the target of 17 miles before eight-thirty. Weather was cool and dry, though slightly wet underfoot as I headed out towards Shalford via Bramley and back again through Wonersh and Shamley Green. I forgot quite how hilly the second half would be so it was a little challenging to maintain the target pace, but maintain it I did.

I hit the highest monthly total in August that I have ever achieved at 186 miles. I also totaled almost 49 miles this week which I have rarely bettered.

It is a recovery week this week – which apparently doesn’t mean much less mileage, but does mean a slightly lower intensity for most of it. Can’t wait!


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