Marathon Training Week 10 – By the Skin of My Teeth

On Saturday night I decided to be considerate to my wife (shocking, I know) and I told her that although I would have an early long run on Sunday, I would delay my alarm to closer to 6am so as to avoid waking her too early.

At 5am I woke and thought it seemed very dark outside – it must be really early. I quietly checked my phone and decided to give it 15 minutes before I snuck out of the house earlier than planned.

At 5:20am I decided I might as well hang on and I’d jump out of bed just before my alarm went off at 5:40.

At 5:40am I was woken by the alarm and feared that I had probably woken Lyndsey as well. I held on 5 minutes and listened attentively to hear her drift back to sleep before going downstairs and starting on my porridge.

The problem with leaving it a little later was that my darling daughter had decided she fancied a slightly earlier start than usual and was going to start shouting for various teddies and books at 6am. Feeling incredibly guilty about the prospect of waking Lyndsey early on the penultimate day of the holidays I decided the only thing I could do was to look after the little one. The day crept away from me as I hung out with my girlies and enjoyed numerous episodes of Hey Duggee (best kid’s programme ever!!!) and it looked as though my long run wasn’t going to happen.

Given that I am in a recovery week, missing one long run is probably not a massive problem but losing my 100% record from the last few months, and failing to start, let alone complete, an 18 miler was already starting to eat away at my conscience.

Somehow, after lunch, a small window of opportunity seemed to appear, as if from nowhere, and I donned my running kit and scarpered out of the door before Lyndsey could change her mind!

It was warmer than I had thought, and at about halfway I realised that I had drunk no water since the electrolyte drink I had consumed at 6am so I was getting a little dehydrated towards the end. I thought I would be saved by the water fountain on the cricket ground in Cranleigh, but it turned out that doesn’t work.

18 sunny and slightly undulating miles banked; I had successfully managed to maintain my consistent training streak.

As well as all the usual training stuff throughout the week we did the benchmark session at the club on Tuesday night and I have actually set up a page on the blog to track my progress each time I do them. On this table you can see that I have become more consistent across the reps and it was really exciting to see this week that not only am I post-surgery quicker (I already knew that of course, but it’s nice to see the data to confirm) but I am quicker throughout the session than I ever have been!

Doesn’t seem to be helping my parkrun times though as I appear to be stuck in a rut at about 20:30(something).

After a long holiday in which I have almost been able to train at will whenever was most convenient to the family, I am back at work this week and the routine will start to be thoroughly squeezed again. I hope that I can take the impetus from all I have achieved so far and continue to see progress as the training plan kicks up another gear – I am already dreading next week’s long run; it is going to be quite an effort.


One thought on “Marathon Training Week 10 – By the Skin of My Teeth

  1. Amazing how the running conscience can gnaw at you even though you know missing one long run, especially in recovery week, really wont hurt that much…but sounds like you had a fun day with family and running…I just kinda collapsed after my 20 yesterday, but wifey had her long run as well and was about as knackered as me!

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