Marathon Training Week 11 – Back to Work

Care to guess what happens when you have a terrible night’s sleep, full of weird dreams, followed swiftly by an accidental lie-in?

It makes your fastest parkrun mile the warmup. Yup, I faced a mad dash – arrived just in time for the 3-2-1-go and proceeded to ‘full-thatcher’ with each mile slower than the last. It was not a pleasant Saturday for parkrunning – dry but windy – and many people were off their PBs. Even so, a 22:05 was pretty disappointing effort. I was tired and mildly disillusioned as I set off on three ‘steady’ miles which I managed to hit out in perfect time.

I purposefully avoided trying to set out on my long run at silly-o’clock this morning and instead I enjoyed breakfast with the girls and headed out a little while later. I’d been nervous about this one all week because I knew it’d be hard work. Last week’s 18 miles felt tough towards the end, and this week called for a fast finish for the last 5 miles.

The first 13 pretty much went without a hitch, but as soon as my watch started doing the beep-beep-beep countdown to speed up I was dreading it. It kept beeping, a LOT, as I failed to catch up to the pace for a little while, though I got there eventually but then slowed slightly and ultimately averaged 7:51.

Earlier this week I was successful in hitting the allotted 7:45 pace in the three post-track (or in this case, park) miles. It was a lonely night on the track to do those after a long effort doing loops in the dark at the park.

With the new term starting at school I was struggling to think about how my increased mileage and training was going to fit in now that my time allotment was getting smaller. With that in mind, I knew I had to start ‘run-commuting’ so I gave it a whirl on Thursday morning with seven miles at 7:45 pace plus a warm up and cool down.

All in all, another 46 mile week nailed. It turns out that I can train whilst at work. And I had a great time with my girls at Ightham Mote on the Heritage Open Days before heading to see my Grandparents for a cuppa. It was lovely!

In the doghouse!
In the doghouse!

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