Back to the future with running royalty

With less than 48 hours to go now, this is all the inspiration I need ahead of my assault on the roads of Frankfurt!

This week saw ‘Back to the Future Day’. The date (21st October 2015) that Marty McFly travelled to in the future during the hit 80s film of the same name, first released 30 years ago.

Back in 1985, life was different. English football clubs were banned from European fixtures. A ‘Walkman’ played cassette tapes. And Sinclair C5s were the future of transport.

Team GB had the likes of Coe, Ovett,Cram, Moorcroft and many others tearing up tracks and helping us punch above our weight as a nation.  And, our marathoners were world class, challenging at every major Championship and breaking world records for fun.

Back in modern day Britain, last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be invited to the excellent England Athletics Hall of Fame Dinner in Birmingham. The event featured key players in the world of sport, and celebrated sporting greats…

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