Recovering, Still

I thought last weekend that I might have turned the corner and recovery from the marathon was almost done. It seems that the cross-country race took quite a bit out of my legs though,

As deadlines approach at work I was a little time poor on Monday so I could only fit three miles in at lunchtime. It was a nice easy-pace and actually I felt quite good during and after; it offered a good chance to warm up the limbs before having a bit of a stretch.

For the first time in a long time, I was back at the Track on Tuesday night. It was nice to catch up with some of the gang there and see if my legs had any go-juice in them. The ‘short’ session was 6x600m reps, and as if by some sort of bizarre twist of fate, having prayed first thing in the morning for not having ‘active recovery’ I discovered that we had to do active recovery during the three minutes of rest. Damn it!

Starting with sit-ups wasn’t too bad, and squats up next was good because at least the legs weren’t too tired yet. We continued with a plank, and I began to hope that maybe pressups weren’t on their way (I’d done 146 on Monday night, and did not fancy any more!) Sadly, they came next – a full minute of pressups. Oh my poor arms! And as if to add salt to the wound our final ‘recovery’ activity was bastards: starjump, to burpee, to pressup, and then start again. Somehow my reps stayed pretty consistent on the 600s :  2:10; 2:11; 2:10; 2:13; 2:11; 2:07

Terror aboard the Emirates Air Line
Terror aboard the Emirates Air Line
Ah, the classic 'admiring the view' look. Zoolander has nothing on me!
Ah, the classic ‘admiring the view’ look. Zoolander has nothing on me!
All smiles, but terror can be seen in the grip of that right hand!
All smiles, but fear can be seen in the grip of that right hand!

On Wednesday, the wife and I headed for a day out in that there London town. It was a work trip, not a jolly, honest! We went to the Excel for the annual UCAS Design Your Future fair on the hunt for information about the myriad art and design courses available in the UK so that we might better inform our students. It was a pretty useful trip actually, I think we enjoyed it, apart from the bit where we had to carry about 4 tote bags each, filled to the brim with prospecti: another shoulder workout.

The run commute was back in my armoury for Thursday as I completed an easy 5 miles. By this stage of the week though, my legs were not feeling quite so ‘easy’. Oh dear, maybe the recovery isn’t quite finished then.

Saturday called for a ‘steady’ five miles (actually the plan said six, but I misread it) and I decided it had been too long since I had been to parkrun and as yet I had not worn my new 50 milestone shirt. As I turned up it became apparent that both Daniel (regular winner), and Adam (often beats me), weren’t running and I couldn’t see Chris (frequent winner) either. From the off young Abby was leading the pack and whilst I sat back to run fairly easily I started to think that if Abby (PB over a minute slower than mine) was leading the run, then maybe I could take position 1 for the first time ever. I toyed with the idea for the briefest of moments before pushing forwards past a couple of runners. I made it to the top of the hill in fourth place, and the bottom of the hill in third. By the time we went through the half way mark I was only a handful of seconds behind the fella ahead and his head appeared to be rocking. Martin told me to catch him on the second lap – I shouted back “that’s my plan!” But it didn’t quite work out like that. He pulled away a little more, and when I knew I probably wouldn’t catch him I slowed off a little – so much so that I even walked through the finish line knowing that I had secured position 2, and 99 points towards the annual competition.

Today I didn’t run a step. It seemed bizarre: it is so long since I didn’t run on a Sunday. It was nice though. We went to the garden centre to check out Christmas decorations, bunny rabbits, fishies, and many other fun things. It was lovely.

Still more recovery coming up this week I think. Thank goodness for that! Have a good one everyone.


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