It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This past week enjoyed a rather inauspicious start. On Monday, despite our ‘lie-in’ at work, my tight hamstrings felt so heavily restrictive that I couldn’t even face going for the ‘recovery’ run at lunch time.

They were so sore, that even on Tuesday I decided it would be sensible to avoid going to the track, and instead I opted to do a quick tester run from home. I ended up doing a simple 5km effort, which, followed by the #RunStrongChallenge stretches, eased out the aching limbs quite nicely.

Rest day Wednesday is always one of my favourite days of the week, especially as it is also Roast Wednesday at work. The Run Strong exercises were frigging ridiculous though – Side planks with Leg Raises; no one can so those, surely!!!

Thursdays session was a short and quite specific one – hill reps; 8x90s. I wasn’t sure what the required hill was, but given that I am kind of heading for XC awesomeness, I decided I needed something muddy, rocky, and twisty. So I ran a little less than a mile to this point

muddy hill

and then I started running up it, again and again. I used the new Speedcross Pro trainers that I got last week and these held up well on this muddy route. About six reps in I felt like they were slipping slightly so I tightened the laces. I went too far though and I spent the remaining reps, and the run home ruing my decision to tighten them.

90 secs up, 2 mins down

Saturday, parkrun-day, was the Christmas celebration so I donned the hat I stole from my work department’s Christmas dinner on Thursday, and headed down to the park.


Afterwards, we enjoyed a few hours at the latest 2year-olds birthday party. Delilah took a little while to warm to the occasion, but once she had, she appeared to have a whale of a time!


On Sunday, after a 9 mile run which included a final three at 7:30 pace. It felt good to run really strong throughout, and I hit pretty consistent pacing.

Almost immediately upon my return we headed back out the door to see the Christmas tree exhibition in the village church, and then we went to visit Santa. Delilah sat still throughout the whole 4D film (complete with snow and bubbles) but as soon as she saw Santa, she grabbed on like a limpet and was terrified to turn around. She took the present very quickly, and finally plucked up the courage to say bye at the end, but she did refuse the offer of a high-five.

A great weekend all round, and I’m almost at the total mileage I achieved in 2013 – it’s going to be tight, but if I can make it to 1373 before 31st December I’ll have hit the highest annual mileage I’ve ever done. After such a stirling year I think I owe it to myself!


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