2015 – A Quick Summary

Wow, so here we are at the very end of 2015. It has been a brilliant year for many reasons, and I have enjoyed some wonderful time with my girls, and our families.

This blog is generally focused on the running stuff, so I will dive into that now. 2015 has seen my running come on in leaps and bounds, and in real terms I have gone from starting the year just two months post knee-surgery, all the way through new PBs at every distance I have attempted.

Today I looked back, for the first time, at the blog I wrote at the start of the year to see how well I had met the goals I discussed in it.


  • Toe the line of Frankfurt Marathon – at last!
  • Run 10km (somewhere close to 40 minutes)
  • Run 5km (with a time starting with a 1 preferably)
  • Do some core strength and conditioning work


How it panned out

  • Done it. Not only that, but I blooming smashed it! Training under Marc’s guidance went terrifically all the way through the summer (aside from a minor calf niggle in the early weeks) and in the end I was able to hit my target of 3:30 at the marathon. Not a sub, but near enough. I felt so strong the whole morning, and I have rarely enjoyed a run so much.


  • As mentioned at the start of the year, I ran a 10km race in June at Staplehurst. Training was going well up to this point as I ticked over the miles under my own guidance. It was a good run, and although I didn’t quite hit my somewhat lofty ambitions of 40 minutes, my 43:21 finishing time obliterated my previous PB and put me in a confident frame of mind for the second half of the year.



  • Even more narrowly, I missed out on my aim of becoming a sub 20 5km runner. I never focused all that hard on this goal in all honesty, and actually the day that I came closest I wasn’t aiming to try at all. I heard Mark cheering Caroline on and dragging her round, and I thought I would join their little group. My official time was given as 20:03 – not bad for a hilly, cross-country course.


  • Core strength has remained in my mind for much of the year, but for a lot of the time that is where it has remained. I try bits and pieces in fits and starts, but rarely commit. As such, I am still a wobbly mess. Must try harder!


I might have missed out on some of my loftier aims and ambitions for the year, but I have never enjoyed my running quite so much as I have this year. VeloViewer produced this analysis of my running this year, and the stats show it has been the best ever – 1400 miles (28miles more than my 2013 best).

VeloViewer graphic


Most excitingly, my year of consistent improvements was recognised by the runners at my club, Guildford and Godalming AC, and I was awarded this accolade at the annual Christmas dinner.

GGAC Annual Award - Most Improved Runner of the Year 2015 - Chris Mercer
GGAC Annual Award – Most Improved Runner of the Year 2015


I can’t wait to get 2016 kicked off in style in a muddy race tomorrow. Maybe after that I will think about some more goals for the year to come.


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