Who I am and why I am here

*so, I have decided to join a wordpress ‘Blogging University’ course in order to become a little better with my content and writing. Although I have maintained my blog for a number of years the first set task is to write an ‘About Me’ style page. I figured I would take the opportunity to bring my story a little more up to date – the start of a new year seems quite appropriate for this.

My name is Chris. I am husband to Lyndsey, and father to Delilah (2).

I run, and I have done so with a modicum of seriousness on-and-off for about 5 years. Prior to that, I had done a few short races (maybe one or two 5km or 10km races in a year) which I generally did the minimum amount of training for. I finally got into the London Marathon in 2011 through the ballot and decided it was time to train properly.

It was at that time that I also started this blog. I decided to post my training publicly as a means of sharing what I was doing but also to seek some input and guidance from fellow runners with whom I was chatting on twitter. By trying to put these regular posts online I hoped to add an element of accountability to my training that I would not receive if I simply recorded my journey in a notepad for example.

The marathon ended up going not all that well at all, and I gave serious consideration to giving up running. That thought didn’t last long though, and soon after getting married to Lyndsey that summer, I was in training for Milton Keynes marathon in early 2012.

By now we had relocated to Surrey, and I was working in London. In the following years I have enjoyed opportunities to run in amazing places including the Strongman run at the Nurburgring, Germany, and around the alps in Chamonix and surrounding areas. I also enjoyed the incredible sensation of becoming an ultra runner, first by completing a thirty miler on New Years Day 2013, then a fifty miler on the North Downs Way in May.

By now though I had actually done some serious damage to my knee, and despite a mixture of running and resting throughout the rest of the year, it seemed that I would need to seek professional help. Referrals from the doctor to the consultant, and then waiting for x-rays and scans, then diagnosis from the consultant, before waiting for a surgery date, all meant that 2014 was a total washout.

I had surgery on the torn meniscus in my left knee in September 2014 (18 months after initially tearing it at a cross-country race in Dorking.)

Since then, I took my time returning from injury over Christmas and in 2015 I set new PBs at 5km, 10km, half, and full marathon distances. I employed the services of a coach from my running club, Guildford and Godalming AC, in early summer and he trained my for the Frankfurt Marathon where I smashed my previous PB by 51 minutes, and got my time to 3:30:26.

For 2016 I have some simple goals:

  • run more, with even greater consistency than I have achieved in the last 12 months
  • get my 5km time under 20 minutes (currently at 20:03)
  • get 10km closer to 40 minutes (currently 43:+)
  • smash out some more PBs at the half and full marathon distances
  • finish the online human physiology course that I started too long ago
  • enjoy quality time with my girls
  • make better use of this here blog, and explore other media outlets (develop youtube channel)
  • cook more


So thank you all for your support in my journey thus far, and welcome to any new readers. I look forward to sharing the next leg of my journey with you all.



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