April 24th – Through History


On this day in 1916, the Irish Republican Brotherhood, a secret organization of Irish nationalists led by Patrick Pearse, launches the so-called Easter Rebellion, an armed uprising against British rule.


President Harry Truman learns the full details of the Manhattan Project, in which scientists are attempting to create the first atomic bomb, on this day in 1945. The information thrust upon Truman a momentous decision: whether or not to use the world’s first weapon of mass destruction.



In 1872, Mount Vesuvius erupts – the most powerful of the eight times it did so during the 19th century.


dust storms tumbleweeds

Apparently, nothing of any interest has ever happened on this date.



In 1953, Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, the British leader who guided Great Britain and the Allies through the crisis of World War II, is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.



The Amateur Athletic Association, governing body for men’s athletics in England & Wales, is founded in Oxford, England, in 1880.


Mum and I posing after completing the 2011 Virgin London Marathon
Mum and I posing after completing the 2011 Virgin London Marathon

The morning started well, and travel to Blackheath went smoothly after a hearty bowl of porridge, a first cup of coffee in several weeks (and the resulting bowel movements.) With his bag checked in, runner 21729 made his way to the start line. From here, with steely determination writ large on his face, he set out to win back the streets of London, and show them who is boss. Immediately he settled into the pace which would see a third reset of his PB, and for the first 18 miles or so this felt pretty comfortable; the hard work had paid off again. From hereon in the pace took its toll, but this was to be expected so he knuckled down and stepped up to the increased toil. It’s no extra work in reality because the weather simply could not be better in the capital city, a beautiful spring morning with blue sky and a gentle breeze, and the crowds are in fine voice cheering the masses along the embankment. He pulls onto Birdcage Walk and that is the last thing he thinks of doing; his pace continues to edge ever upwards as the clock face on the Mall creeps slowly upwards. The final sprint finish looks relatively slow to onlookers, but he feels like he is flying.

Arms aloft, he’s done it. Nailed the time he spent weeks training for, and he has finally laid to rest all of the demons of five years ago.

24th April 2016 – it should be a good one.


p.s. did I mention that I am runner 21729? That’s right, I am heading back to London this year, as I received the club place for the marathon. To say I am excited would be an understatement.


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