SEAA XC – Part the Second – Photos

After part one, earlier in the week, the results have now been released, and the photographs have been uploaded from the 2016 SEAA Cross Country Championships.


© Photos courtesy of Robert Ingoldby, and the two that I purchased from SussexSportPhotography


The full results for the senior men can be found here, but if you don’t want to search for my name in that tiny print, and wonder why you can’t find me on page one – that’s because I came 576th.

My official time for the 15km course was 1:09:04, just 20 minutes behind the winner. Ouch! Still, I can officially claim to be the 576th fastest man in the south of England. Boom!


I love the picture of me charging down the finish straight ahead of the Stopsley Strider who had been in front of me for most of the final lap. I have never had a race picture in which I am so visibly working incredibly hard and appear to be in a lot of pain. In describing the race to Lyndsey, and her seeing these pictures of my finest gurning, she couldn’t quite fathom how I could sound so incredibly excited about the whole thing. There is nothing quite like XC to bring a rush of endorphins, and I think I would almost go so far as to say that Saturday was the first time I have ever truly experienced the elusive runners’ high.


4 thoughts on “SEAA XC – Part the Second – Photos

  1. that’s the first photo I’ve seen of you running where you look in a world of pain – but I know how much you love so well done!

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